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  1. Hope to test Spriter 2 in New Year but seem like its not on time D:
  2. WOW! look really smooth Will spriter2 possible to add more than 3x3 deformation points? I can't do good deform when animate long hair or tail in spriter1.
  3. Thank you very much Looking forward to Spriter 2 - skin mode.
  4. I bought Spriter Pro but before I register to this webboard. So Spriter Pro not attached in "My Purchase". So I'm not sure I can test Spriter 2 beta version or not. Or srpiter 2 beta will be free download and activate by license code?
  5. Hi, I saw Spriter2 news and it has free upgrade for people who bought Spriter Pro. I bought Spriter Pro longggggg time ago(2014) and before I register to this webboard. All art packs are full price to me, no discount or free. So I worry that I can't free upgrade Spriter2 because of this. Are they any function in webboard that can attach my spriter license to my account? Thank you
  6. Seem like images can't be load if I not put files in correct order right? My bad habit is put scml and image files in same folder
  7. I think you need Visual Studio http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216753638-Setting-up-GameMaker-Studio-for-YoYoCompiler-Platforms
  8. I testing the tutorial and everything work fine. But I noticed one problem. The animation caused memory leak! The memory slowly increase. I try to put 20+ moss golems in and memory increase faster Is memory increase because of bone moving?
  9. WOW! I get 4th prize! This is good enough for me. Keep waiting for the next contest
  10. If I want to participate the contest. I have to wait for rule change agreement and submission thread unlocked before I can submit my work right?
  11. I think some people don't trust you because you're the only one who use skin mode in this contest and other people only use skeleton and normal deform. I using skin mode too so I know how you work. Maybe show Spriter project at the end of the video? About contest, I made a Slime boss for my game too but some animation have to make in various animation and export as png/gif then merge 2 animation together for play because of skin mode limited. Like prepare attack and attacking in different animation. So it will look weird when play it in Spriter. Can I show in game animation and show weird spriter animation in the end -*- And if next contest theme is anime or girl character. i'm sure to participate
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