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  1. Here is a re-submission of the Argent Knight, with some improvements, fixes, and updates. There were a few issues with the original animations, so thank you for extending the deadline! Good luck to all contestants!
  2. As far as judging goes, it might be a good idea to contact industry professionals who have used Spriter as part of a professional project. While it may be difficult to organize, it would ensure that the judges would be knowledgeable on the animation systems and could determine the merit of a project based on ambition and animation difficulty as well as the final visual product. A fair, balanced vote is invaluable, even if the process itself takes some time. On another note, I'm truly disappointed that those who cheated thought they could get away with such flagrant abuse without repercussions. It shows a complete lack of faith in one's work, and demonstrates a profound lack of respect for others. In my opinion, it would be wise to eject them from the competition altogether to demonstrate that dishonest practices will not be tolerated.
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