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  1. Id love to see spriter with Gdevelop! It makes animations for interactive traps, objects and bosses super creative and easier than doing everything in the game engine
  2. Heh, next time ill be sure to use more than 12 hours in last moment but i expect this judging to be announced from the start for ppl. Thanks for the mention though, it was a interesting contest. Congrats to the winners
  3. Well my video is ready in case more entries will be accepted for the contest :3 I was aiming for a more platformer type of boss Spriter Awesome Boss Contest: Angry oger wanna be awesome
  4. Is there any option to add or reduce frames between keyframes? It gets pretty frustrating to edit the timing in the timeline by manually selecting and moving all the frames... Also i miss skev transformations, those are pretty cool for lots of dynamic animation tricks with just few drawings being used
  5. Thank you for the nice comment Whatever they will decide, all i can do is wish everyone good luck! There are plenty of really neat animations and designs in this contest
  6. Well my video is ready in case more entries will be accepted for the contest :3 EDIT: Had to reupload because of errors where i acsidentally used a older version of many recording atempts....
  7. i think the remaining silent contestants are not even aware of the change and suggestion. I think the admin should make them officially write down dissagreeing on the change instead of agreeing to make sure they do still follow the contest to validate the decission. I still think it causes no harm to extend the deadline, ppl who put lots of work in their entries have now the chance to polish them if they want while more ppl could be encouraged to join
  8. I would really apresseate extending the deadline to allow more ppl enter the contest including me
  9. selecting the object that is hidden behind other object is not a problem as i do that from the Z order list, moving it around is the tricky part. Perhaps the object could by selection have a center point that allows selecting them exclusive to move around no matter in what order they are possitioned, kinda like the transform and rotation handle, you could just add a move handle too.
  10. For the key shortcut i have something in mind like blender has with the G button to grab and move a object around or in toonboom harmony its holding down the middle mouse button to move the object without having the mouse directly over it, but i guess the arrow keys still do the job, even when kinda slower. the shift+1 or 2 jumps only from keyframe to keyframe which is great, but I use more often that red line which right now has really tiny space to grab on from above the keyframes. I think around 20% vertical increase of that space would be perfect... Ah, so its "key selected", i see... sorry, im used to other phrases like, "insert keyframe", so "key selected" is a new one to me... feels kinda more standard, at least in softwares like toonboom harmony premium or blender that i use. Thankyou for your time and tips on some of the solutions Ill see if i can get it all work now better for the game projects i have
  11. There are two things id love to see in Spriter. One would be a better support for animating without bones. I could see this improved by adding a key shortcut to move around a selected sprite, especially those behind other sprites to well, not be hiding sprites or use the objects properties to deal with this hassle. Another thing would be to modify the part where you see the keyframe numbers and the top keyframes. Right now its tricky to scroll around without selecting the top keyframes, especially when there are many made. For this id like the vertical size be a little more extended to avoid acsidental keyframe selection when all i just want is scroll over the whole timeline manually. Is there also a way to automatically set instant mode in the keyframes created or i have to do everything manually after creation of a keyframe? Personally i start animating all my animations without it generating inbetween movement such like linear mode. And what about inserting a keyframe of the current sprites position in timeline? Like, i make 2 keyframes of a object go from point A to C but now i wanna add a keyframe right between them which has the sprite already positioned between the two points... Also, is ther a way to link a sprite object to another sprite object or does this work only with the bones?
  12. will there be a improvement to the spritesheet export as currently it rotates a lot of the sprites instead of keeping them in same angle?
  13. Any chance to import swf animations in the future? I think such feature would be very much apreseated by animators who use flash and toon boom softwares but would like to have the animations more suitable for the game design that Spriter provides. For example, I feel more comfortable to use toonboom to animate but the only formats I can export in for game design is swf and png formats and I really like the way spriter allows to use the files in C2 so with importing swf files, the animator could just import the most complex part from flash/toon boom and do other small editing later in spriter. To me at least sadly spriter doesn't feel quite well yet for complex animations that I can handle a lot better in different software and well, most of the features used for animation are quite similar in spriter so importing the library graphic assets and keyframes could be possible, no?
  14. it would be neat if spriter could be used to edit the main characters animation
  15. Any chance to import flash swf animations? It would be awesome to have that since I cant really use spriter sofar for complex animations but I really like the idea of exporting it to construct2 in "body parts"
  16. there are two things id really love to see happen in this software is : a 50%transparent grid view Sofar I have not noticed this to be available in current version. when I tried to do a walking animation, it gets rather frustrating to calculate the position and right distance for the motion from A to B. The onion-skin feature is simply not good enough in my opinion, especialy when I start a new animation, sofar the only way to begin with the right position of the object to match the previous animation is to duplicate the previous animation. Copying first frames from previous animation into new one happens to crash the software by me Another feature id love to see is improvement in working on the timeline. A button that allows showing in timeline only the current selected objects and hide the rest that could help for example or putting them into group folders that also can be animated by move, scale and rotate. In toonboom harmony its a type of master peg that works really well in managing the work in timeline with multiple objects. Getting to animate a part of the body and then select it to move it around in the timeline can become really confusing because theres too many objects shown in the timeline that need to be selected individualy. Imagine animating spiders legs. that's where I came to the point of realization that without these sudgested features, I cant do any complex animation movements unless I starts sketching over my Wacom cintiq screen...
  17. Hello, I recently bought the PRO license and things seem to work fine sofar. Better than the first time. What I was wondering is if the plugin in construct2 can be later on fixed so when I edit the size of the sprites in layout then it will keep that size in the game preview? Sofar I can only manipulate the size with eventsheet and that could be bit troublesome if I want more specific sizes...
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