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  1. Hi devs, if you're looking for a custom character sprite, you can request through our thread. If the character you're requested is a simple character, you can get it for free You can also buy and sell your art on our marketplace, visit http://tokegameart.net/ Here are some of our assets you can download for free http://tokegameart.net/category/freebies/
  2. Nice Art! I would love if you interested to sells your work on my site. 80% commission for each item sold contact : admin@tokegameart.net http://tokegameart.net/
  3. 2D Game Art Bundle – 2017 New Year Bundle Available Now! Over 90 Items in One Huge Bundle BUY NOW 2D Game Art Bundle – 2017 New Year Bundle Items that noted “Sold by Tokegameart” presented in one huge bundle “2D Game Art Bundle – 2017 New Year Bundle” Over 90 items are included. Character Sprite Alien Boss Sprite Android Boss Big Hands Robot Bob The Caveman Brock From The Metro Squad Castle Guard Sprite Chibi Knight 01 (The White Bull) Chibi Knight 02 (The Roman Knight) Chibi Knight 03 (The Golden Helmet) Chibi Knight 04 (The Gladiator) Chibi Muscular Viking Christopher The Police Dungeon Bosses Dungeon Guard Sprite Evil Bot Character Sprite Genki and Dragon Sword Sprite George From The Space Squad Sprite Ghost 01 Good Boy Jack The Thug Jake Adventurous Boy Jane Adventurous Girl Joana From The Metro Squad Joe From The Metro Squad Karen From The Metro Squad Micro Style Character – Arabian Executioner Micro Style Character – Chinese King Micro Style Character – Roman Knight Mike The Counter Terrorist Priest – Tiny Style Character Pumpkin Ghost Skull Knight Skull Warrior Super Black Cat Super Boy Super Cat Super Monkey The Executioner The Shaman Tiny Armored Samurai Tiny Army – Sam Tiny Australian Soldier Tiny Chinese Soldier Tiny Cowboy Tiny Crystal Monster Tiny Guy – Arnold Tiny Ice Monster Tiny Knight Tiny Lava Monster Tiny Mummy 01 Tiny Mummy 02 Tiny Rock Monster Tiny Style Character – Barbarian Tiny Style Character – King Tiny Style Character – Knight Tiny Style Character – Pirate Tiny Style Character – Skull Tiny Style Character – Witcher Tiny U.S Soldier Tom The Police Viking – Tiny Style Character Zombie 01 – Scar Forehead Zombie Zombie 02 – Anime Zombie Zombie 03 – Meat Clever Zombie Wife Zombie 04 – G.I. Joe Zombie Zombie 05 – Exposed Brain Zombie Warrior – Tiny Style Character Bad Piggy Fairy Tiny Stlye Character Goblin Tiny Style Character Wizard Tiny Style Character Archer Tiny Style Character Ogre Tiny Style Character Ninja Tiny Style Character Super Bunny Super Panda Cartoon Enemy Pack 01 Cyclop Tiny Style Character Gold Miner Tiny Style Character Game Kit Jetpack Buddy GUI Classic GUI Snowy GUI Stone Age Themed GUI Western Game UI Cartoon RPG GUI Tileset Cartoon Town Egyptian Tileset Fantasy Tileset Snowy Platformer Game Tileset Spaceship Game Platformer Top-Down Dungeon Platformer Tileset Top-Down Forest Tileset Top-Down Snowy Game Tileset
  4. Thank you. I'm not sure if .ai file can be opened by inkscape. Please visit our site, we provide some free asset TokeGameArt.Net
  5. nice, i have another video with a bit changes (adding some animations). so i'll resubmit my video.
  6. a bit confusing, should i resubmit my video? or leave it with my old video i have already submit?
  7. I use youtube additional audio for my video, is it ok?
  8. i want to resubmit my entry since the music background is not allowed. how to resubmit my video?
  9. The only best vote system is from all brashmonkey team itself since contestants use brashmonkey sprtier to create their animation. Brashmonkey team should disuss about all of animation entries, about how good they are use spriter features, how realistic of their animation or any other thing. As you said, contestant can buy like or vote easily, simply open job on third party site such as free**ncer.com or g*ru.com. I'm sure brashmonkey open this contest too see how grow their spriter in movie or game industry, how popular their spriter, also to let peoples know about their spriter. I wish all of contestants to be honest, you can buy "votes" but you can't lie peoples about your work. lets make this contest to be clean, so we know how far our animation skill.
  10. Please like my video contest here : Here is the result video : All of entries are awesome, good luck for everyone
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