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  1. Congrats to all the winners!! Next time I'll put some more effort in and not decide to participate a couple hours before the deadline. I didn't expect much but I am happy with an honorable mention! I'll take it! Thanks for the feedback, it is an old project. Could not enter/show my recent stuff because it's all for the game I'm developing at the moment. Anyhow, I'd love to take part in a contest like this again in the future
  2. Just in time! This is my entry for the Awesome Boss Contest! In my timezone midnight has passed some hours ago, but thankfully the deadline was set in another timezone.. Can't wait for the results and congrats to all in advance, good stuff all around!
  3. I haven't read all the suggestions before me, so it might already be discussed.. But what I would love is the option to skew images in addition to the standard width and height sizing/scaling. I'm guessing this is something that will be a feature in Spriter 2, since it probably is a complicated matter and in line with the infamous deformation feature (can't wait!). The workaround is to skew the images up front when cropping and cheating with the width and height in Spriter, but it's not optimal of course. Though I'm sure you are aware of this all. A more reasonable(?) feature perha
  4. Hi! I've come across a weird one; 'Undo' doesn't work? Neither the ctrl-z shortcut nor the manually clicking 'Undo' in the Edit menu or green 'Undo' arrow button. Just now, I created a new project for a new character. I'm using the same version (Pro r8) as some time before, but I did not encounter this ever before. The undo action works fine when I start up Spriter and open a project, but when I click somewhere outside Spriter - in this case I'm browsing YouTube, playing, pausing etc. on a second monitor, in between my work in Spriter - and go back to Spriter, the undo action does
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