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  1. Hi guys! This is my entry: This is the first time i've used Spriter, ever. The total work time for the graphics and animations is around 6 hours. The monster design was originally intended for the team's upcoming game Caos Trigger: Golem; but the kickstarter for it never got funded so i still went ahead and created the monster anyway. Best of luck to all the contestants!
  2. Okay sorry i'm a bit confused; but i have to confirm: we're waiting for @EternaL to reply -- so that the deadline could be extended? I'm still looking forward to submit my entry... Thank you.
  3. Aw, dang. I wish I could've known about this contest sooner. I tried though; really hard, to come up with an awesome boss just for this contest -- i started just around an hour ago and my plan was to put the details of the graphics later and focus on the bones and the animations first (see attached). But alas, i only have around two hours remaining whereas i needed just two or three more. :/ But anyway, i'll keep checking in with hopes of the deadline being extended and all that. Regardless, goodluck to everyone who have successfully joined!
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