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  1. Hi, This is a message to all Brashmonkey admins and contest entries. I will be pulling our entry from the competition, as a studio we wanted to be as professional as we possibly could but since we were informed by a user and some research we found, reported the user "bwwd" for using third party websites to buy his likes, the user since then embedded our content to such websites, created new accounts and post with link backs to cover up and/or point attention towards us, we made a quality submission, newgrounds promo and me personally lost my facebook account to frequent group posts to promote our entry. We have lost enough, our name shall not be dragged down because of a dishonest entrant who cannot accept the fact that he was wrong and had been caught. Best of luck to everyone else Thank you Heinz, Leadmen Studio
  2. Hi guys i have an idea for a voting system if Brashmonkey them self wish to not vote themself. If possible, Brashmonkey could open a poll here in which ONLY entrants can vote ONCE for an entry they think are worthy BESIDES their own...those numbers are pretty much solid. Nobody outside or even inside besides the entrant accounts will be counted as a valid vote, if this seems reasonable and possible i think its a great method.
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