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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS! :DDDDD THANKS SO MUCH! I'll make use of all the feedbacks given by the judges! :> Nothing comes unwelcome. I'll try to improve as best as I can on my future animations and concepts. Thanks so much everyone! And thanks Brashmonkey for the awesome contest! :)) Messaging Brash Admin seems to be locked though!
  2. Ow, thanks so much for the compliment Ankit! :> Yah, just bones and image transform. I don't use mesh because I usually want the notion that I could implement it if I wanted to and as far as meshes are experimental, I'd have to cap it off if the character were to be part of a project. I'm glad you like it!
  3. Hey Mike! I don't think we're able to add videos to the contest playlist at this momment. maybe it's locked aswell ?
  4. Hahha :> I'm glad you know my stuff! And yeah, I've been using spriter for a long while now! xD And yeah, I use Spriter for the exports, so there's really no trick in how I do it to make it look smooth xD Wow, AWESOME job Miu! Yours is one of my favourites so far :> Great job! I don't know if they'll open the submission thread or we can just share the links wherever, but mine is ready aswell.
  5. To my account, these are the current top 3 1 - 2 - 3 -
  6. Oh, but we'll have the whole 31st day then ? =o (meaning, from 31st 00h00 to 23h59 to make the submission) Or if Eternal doesn't pronunciate the rules will change altogether with new 'deadline' date for submission ?
  7. Oh phew... that's a relief. In that case there's some prospect of the judge system actually getting through... I'm glad.
  8. Will there be a possibility for submitting new entries ? :< I'm working on my boss and should be done tonight or tomorrow, but I'm not sure submissions will be allowed anymore (given the rules change or don't) About the: "If this doesn't get unanimously decided before the original deadline" The person who's leading the voting system will not agree to this or he'll be forfeiting the prize... If it's gotta be unanimous, the contest is pretty much finished already :<
  9. Yeah, I wasn't participating because I felt the voting system was gonna be unfair... but now that it's about to change, I'd really like to give it a go! :> Will we get a new submission deadline anytime soon ?
  10. OH, if the voting system is changing I would really like to attend to the compo. :> Is there a new deadline for development time ? I wan't going to attend because I thought the voting system might get rigged and now that it's changed I'd really like a chance to participate.
  11. I'd like to request a feature that sounds simple but I'm not sure how it would implement since it requires an engine running Box2D or something. It would be awesome if you could set bones with a check box that sets tem to have Physics On/Off. You would be able to put pieces of clothes, hair or dangly objects on your character.
  12. Sorry Lucid! ): Before I saw your post I rebooted my PC and Spriter is working fine now! I'm not sure how to help you test these fixes now that I had it working.
  13. I just had to format my computer so I installed Windows 8.1 and none of the builds work on it. ;\ Already tried to install and reinstall, run on compatibility mode, place the missing DLLs in the program folder AND in system32. I'm getting an "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application." I'm not sure where to go from here.
  14. I'm getting the exact same problem. Currently using Windows 8.1
  15. The same old bug is also present in B11. I feel like I won't be able to use spriter past B8. ;\ For some odd reason, B9, B10 and B11 crash on start. I wish I could try out the new features, but that's an impossibility, since 3 builds ago the problem is still persistent.
  16. I'd like it if the easing (besier) options were a little clearer as to up to where does it influence the animation, since I can add it in a keyframe in the middle of the animation and it shows a control based on 'ms'. Be it either a timelien representation of where it is affecting the animation. Something you could drag the box along the timeline and the changes would be more visible and more logical to visual artists. You know ? Something you can drag and drop to define the length, not parameters you can't visibly see.
  17. My Spriter B10 breaks as soon as I open it. x\ I'm using Win7 Whenever I start spriter, it freezes and I get the "Close program" system message. Tried reinstalling but doesn't seem to work.
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