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  1. I started to work on my boss submission when I first saw the announcement thread around late July and early August. Artists had an entire month to work on it. If we're extending the deadline, would we be allowed to improve our current submissions?
  2. I've already presented an alternative earlier. It's to use Google Forms. That's less prone to abuse. Nobody can see who's in the lead and outside of spreading the form survey to friends and family, it'll be hard to manipulate. It has settings that limit people to one response. It requires a google account but you need a google account to use Youtube's rating system anyway so it shouldn't be that much of a problem.
  3. "The Avatar of Mischief" [Concept Art] - From 2D Sketch to Sprite Atlas http://imgur.com/a/fVCGL [Update] V2 up.
  4. There's Google Forms. Maybe make something like this? http://goo.gl/forms/bMAs1JWrAWSSsY8h2 People wouldn't see the results until the deadline this way. Also it'll make sure that every entry will have the same level of exposure.
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