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  1. PM sent. Sounds interesting, hope you are having good feedback.
  2. Hi Guys. Open for Commissions! Be sure to contact me at jana@2dpixx.de if you need help with your 2D Game projects. For some insight to my work, I invite you to have a look at my Artstation profile and/or other social channels. https://www.artstation.com/2dpixx There are a lot of videos included. Displaying the process of illustration and some basic animations. Below is a preview of what you can expect: For further information on commissions visit my website and guidelines page: https://www.2dpixx.de/guidelines.html All in all I am open for all kinds of conversations as long as they are serious and kind. Best regards!
  3. Open for commissions. Illustrations/Animations of characters, objects and whole environments within various styles offered. Be it vector, pixel or handpainted art. You can find me on the following platforms: 2D!PIXX Website 2D|PIXX - YouTube 2D!PIXX Facebook 2D!PIXX ArtStation 2D!PIXX DeviantArt 2D!PIXX OpenGameArt 2D!PIXX Fiverr 2D!PIXX Patreon If you contact me by mail via jana@2dpixx.de you will get the fastest replies, but feel free to write me on any of those sites. Happy to work with you stay creative!
  4. So I have been spending my Saturday drawing some characters and creating rough animations with them. Spriter is really awesome and I am having a lot of fun with the software. Time to show some results. Critique is always welcome. Enjoy your time!
  5. To be honest I guess you should call off the contest. It is not possible to fairly choose a winner with this amount of manipulation in the back. I apologize if I did anything wrong by sharing my entry on facebook. I am not sure anymore if that could be seen as unfair too even so I mentioned to watch the other videos, but as others stated already, having way more likes as views is slightly more problematic than maybe 5 biased votes because of ones popularity. Even so I appreciate the thought of you to enable as many people as possible to enter the contest I guess it was not the best idea to choose a topic with such a wide range of interpretation. Simply because it doesn't help with the establishment of a reasonable way of voting either. Personally I have to say I really had fun creating an animation for your contest and the money was and is irrelevant to me. I was simply happy to have another reason to create something. I guess a lot of participants share that thought. Nonetheless I would hate to see somebody win the prize that had some dishonest methods used to get it. As for the suggestion of a jury, I really think the most unbiased jury would be you to be honest. There is no such thing as complete objectivity and I figure regardless of your personal relationship to the participants you would probably be the best fit since I trust you to put at least some reflection to your votes.
  6. My entry for the contest: Demon Samurai Youtube:
  7. Hey there everybody If you are looking for 2D game art and animations I am here to help you out If you are interested simply visit my website: 2dpixx.de or have a look at my gallery on Deviant Art I don't have a fixed hourly rate. The pricing is per piece and highly depends on the job you are offering. Thanks for reading and best regards!
  8. Hey! Newbie here just wanted to say I love the contest idea and will be joining the bunch
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