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  1. Could Brashmonkey or even any programmer please add the feature or create whatever add-on/plugin to finally allow us to save the workspace? Meaning the location and size of each window as well as each setting that can be set.
  2. Even if maybe Spriter 2 might finally let us save the UI/Workspace, could Brashmonkey just quickly include this in Spriter Pro in a quick update or add-on? Spriter crashes frequently enough (especially when it comes to certain cases of copying and pasting bones with images attached) and the workspace is such a big deal, with all the setting ticks and window sizes and locations I have to re-set up each time I open a file. It sounds like such an easy feature to include/program in. At the very least, be sure to include this in Spriter 2. However... It may be a year or more before Spriter 2 is even fully compatible with Construct 2, (assuming it ever will be, as opposed to forcing those who want to use it to use Construct 3 instead) regarding the Spriter SCML Plugin, the import process, full functionality after export, and so on. So I strongly suggest a Spriter Pro update or add-on that allows us this simple yet effective improvement that Spriter's been lacking for years. If you actually used Spriter for intensive scene work, you would realize the need for workspace-saving, so that crashes aren't the misfortune they always are.
  3. I suggested this before, but I believe it's more than about time for a small update to save the UI/workspace settings. I use Spriter almost every work day, and setting up the UI the way I need it every time I open a scml is a huge hassle, when it could be so easily programmed. I recommend the ability to save and load named UI setups, or at the least just one UI saved automatically. To be specific, the UI/workspace includes: Canvas Background color Z-order menu scale (Ctrl+mouse wheel) Hierarchy menu scale Timeline Audio Playback setting Whether or not the Timeline options such as "only show selected" are checked or not Location and size of windows such as Object Properties, Palette, and Animations
  4. Tip: Importing another project into current may not work correctly if any bones would have the same name. So if for example you use different scmls for different characters, it's helpful to go into the bones view and rename each bone, such as by copying and pasting the character's name into each bone name, which takes only a few seconds. That way it guarantees no 2 bones will be named the same when merging projects. I’d also add that even using the same object/PNG, at least where any origin point doesn’t agree between projects, then causes anything pasted between entities to fail. If you’re okay with keeping the imported elements as a separate entity, then it’ll be fine.
  5. How do I fix this error when previewing from C2?: javascript error uncaught typeerror: cannot read property 'xscale' of null (mentions spriter plugin here)
  6. Those with Photoshop can use the great 'Warp' feature (Edit>Transform>Warp, easier to commit it to a key, I use ctrl+F) to give long hair or capes or dresses that nice curved look.
  7. It's probably because you have to right-click the clear circle pivot dot and select the option that turns it red. Red is what you want. I've said before that Spriter should use red pivot dots 100% of the time. We don't need the clear dot for anything. Furthermore, editing an animation while a character map is applied will remove all the red dots you manually applied. A good trick is to have an animation that has every pivot point be a red dot, so that at any time, you can select every png, copy, go to every other animation, paste, ctrl+D.
  8. A way for self-draw to use more than one spritesheet, so that spritesheets greater than 2048px can be split up into two or three pngs, such as by being frame 1, 2 and 3 in the C2 object. That way if a spritesheet is 5k px, you don't have to shrink the spritesheet to about 40% and look blurry.
  9. There may be a bug stopping this scml from being able to appear in Construct2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x22rjl239l9jycb/Kil.zip?dl=0 I'm stumped enough that I'd like someone from BrashMonkey to please look into it for me asap, as I'm trying to get the game done in time for the Microsoft Creators contest deadline next month. The zip has the scml file and images. The scml opens and works correctly in Spriter. I then generate the spritesheets and use that in Construct2 in the correct way for the self-draw method, but the sprites don't show up in preview. Thanks
  10. Unsure whether or not this is already known, but I tested every animation Easing Curve option of Spriter in Construct 2, and found out that the "Quintic" easing curve (the one with 4 dots) doesn't work in C2. It'll cause the character/sprites to disappear during any keys that use it. This is with the latest version of both Spriter and the C2 plugin. All other easing curves work, including the Bezier one. Would be good to fix, so that people don't wonder why their characters are disappearing sometimes.
  11. For some reason, PNG export isn't working in my project. I did it many times before. Now I click 'Save' and the images never get made.
  12. can't seem to make reply post.txt
  13. To Daleatron, the software takes getting used to compared to 3D software, but with enough practice you won't mind it as much. More feature suggestions: Have the taskbar begin with the filename, not 'Spriter Pro Edition'. Option to clear guides. As always, finally allow the saving and loading of the workspace!
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