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  1. Greetings~ I just read the new proposal and I'm all for it with no objection whatsoever ^^ really thank you for giving the judging system a second thought, just 1 question though , I do not have to re-submit again right? I'm busy with other projects at the moment so I do not think I'll have time for making adjustments.
  2. My Entery Boss~ Captain Lusarth, Tailess Pirate Dragon ^^ I Imagined him to take a place in a 2D Turn Based ROG mobile game Here is The link for the video And this is a pic from within Spriter
  3. Greetings BrashAdmin and lucid ^^ I'll be submitting my Boss hopefully early tomorrow, I am well aware of the contest rules ;however and like the rest, I must admit that the likes and "votes" system can be easily abused. Mu suggestion, for future contests, that the admins themselves judge the entries, after all you'll know the time and effort that was put into the execution of each and every animations since you developed the spriter program and well aware of the hardships that comes with game development. you Judge it yourselves based on the lively of the animation, execution, originality, possibility of integration on a final product, you name it. because let's face it, making a new account in youtube and pressing a like in your video only takes 1 min,in 30 mins you have 30 likes, but perfecting an entire animation can take an entire day and you might not even get a single like for it. A different approach is that we could still upload the videos on youtube and bring audience to the spriter community (even if the number was small) but the judging criteria should be different than the most easily abused voting system. Sorry for the rant, but it had to be addressed ^^ see you in the contest and wishing everyone a good competition.
  4. you can use paint tool sai with mouse yes ^^ The advice I can give you though is that you do your sketches on pencil and paper first though then take a pic(or scan it if u have scanner) and imported to sai, then use sai for coloring and out lines~ this video might be useful to you if u want to go about drawing with mouse on sai~
  5. Paint tool sai for drawing the monsters parts and effects, but I recently swaped into "open canvas" because of tons of features it have and it can do everything sai can do
  6. thanks XD! and yup In The Lore of the game The last one does not Speak about his past, But after loosing the count of shooting 50k Arrows in the world his nickname was changed from "The Cyclops" into "ArchBillion" By the locals. The first nick name was given to him back in the time he was a warrior and the second when he basically switched classes.
  7. Thanks!! will need it ^^ Also gallery has been updated~
  8. Greetings everyone ^^ I decided to share some of my animation works that has been using Spriter Pro, hopefully some of you guys will come to like some of what you see All of the work you'll see is related to my game "The Bludgeons" which can be found in Steam green light or published already in Google play. ------------------------------------------------------- Title Animation ------------------------------------------------------- Heroes Collections ------------------------------------------------------- Monsters Collections ------------------------------------------------------- Special Monsters Collection ---------------------------------------------------------- More to come soon ^^; for time being , you can check the game on steam green light http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=594400021 or check it out in google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aprowolf.ba wishing you all good day Edit will reduce the size of Animations soon so it will be easier for the eyes to see everything~
  9. Ooh I see, I tried changing the Unity sprites pivots points to default (center) and it fixed it XD Cheers bro ^^ It is because almost every sprite I have has a costume pivot point ii did not this that this was not supported, but it is kool kool since it is working fine ^^ thx bro
  10. Ah no no , The 0,0 "fix" is for the (Child) game object NOT for the pivots points. Examine the game objects that has has name "child" to it and check their "transform" position :) this is the suggested Fix , and it sets the child game object to 0,0 again , not the pivots , the child objects, you transform.position.x and .y had deltaXandDeltaY affecting the local position in the original code Oirginal : child.transform.localPosition = new Vector3(deltaX, deltaY, child.transform.localPosition.z); Suggested Fix: protected override void ApplyTransform (Sprite sprite, SpriterObjectInfo info) { GameObject child = children [index]; GameObject pivot = pivots [index]; SpriteRenderer renderer = renderers [index]; float ppu = sprite.pixelsPerUnit; renderer.sprite = sprite; Vector3 size = sprite.bounds.size; float deltaX = (0.5f - info.PivotX) * size.x * info.ScaleX; float deltaY = (0.5f - info.PivotY) * size.y * info.ScaleY; pivot.transform.localEulerAngles = new Vector3 (0, 0, info.Angle); pivot.transform.localPosition = new Vector3 (info.X / ppu, info.Y / ppu, 0); child.transform.localPosition = new Vector3 (0, 0, child.transform.localPosition.z); //The fix Suggested if anyone has "position" of game objects appearing in diffrent places child.transform.localScale = new Vector3 (info.ScaleX, info.ScaleY, 1); ++index; } In case you can not replicate the Issue still , I'll be releasing my game in the next 3~5 days , and I'll be more than happy to share any file with you and the community to improve the New scml Importer :) Check you message box for sample file~ I tried my fix on "Grey Guy" example and it was distorted, then it worked properly when i changed pivots from "center" into the respective human anchoring points. it is 6am in the morning now , I am heading to bed and will test it again hopfully as soon as i finish my game and should not get distracted XD hopefully you'll find the smaple file helpful ^^
  11. Almost forgor ^^ Fast question : The Alpha Channel on Sprites inside sprite renderer are not yet to be Implemented no? because I can not see my alpha channel changing
  12. The Way I Understand It Happens that the "child game object" x, y is relative to the "parent", while the parent x,y is relative to world. that is why sitting the child to 0,0 fixes the Issue.
  13. First of all , Amazing job , and congratulations on releasing the Implementation :) I am testing this Importer atm . I dunno how I missed it XD I have came across 1 Issue though : Shifting child transform position.x and .y disturb The looks of some of the animations that happens on the line 54, in apply transform , in UnitySpriterAnimator child.transform.localPosition = new Vector3(deltaX, deltaY, child.transform.localPosition.z); and solved to me by the line child.transform.localPosition = new Vector3 (0, 0, child.transform.localPosition.z); for all my scmls. That Solved my Issue by making the child always takes the local 0,0 x y position and keep z position / while only the parent takes the x y world position and rotation. I just wanted to point out my solution should someone experiance similar thing Also , brilliant job :)
  14. looks like markplier XD movment to the head + mpvment to the upper body indeed shall it give it motion , u need to make ur animation clear otherwise your breathing animation will look like a still image
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