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  1. So your saying if I do not agree fully then it's still the broken like system. If I do agree then we get the new and improved judges and prize pool, but new entries would make it that much harder for older entries to win, due to the number of entries that have the possibility to be made. I am guessing it's more like people who didn't make the deadline already have something made and are just hoping that the deadline can be extended. I am still strongly against the new dead line, but if it means we get the new judges and new prize pool then fine. I will over look my own wishes and go for the betterment of the group.
  2. I am in agreement with the judges and the new prize pool, but it would be unfair to those who still took the time to make these animations to extend the contest deadline. It is a fixed thing that everyone knew about for a while now, I received the email about the contest on 07/14/2016, I just took so long because I am lazy =3. So I guess I am a half like on the post.
  3. Here is a thought, what if you made a poll on this website that registered users as of the end of the contest submission 8/24/2016 date, can vote on which one they like the best. That way anyone after 8/24/2016 cannot vote, making bot accounts made after the date useless. Hope this helps resolve the issue.
  4. Sweet I finally got it done, here is my entry into the contest. Awesome Boss Contest Level One Boss Raw Unedited version:
  5. So I am not allowed to use a video editor to make the animation more professional looking? Never mind read the last post of the main thread Whoops.
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