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  1. That's still far better than my 1 like (a friend took pity on me). I'm just happy to have 120 views. Never thought this voting system would work, but still happy to participate because of the side benefits and joy I get out of doing the work.
  2. I'm also in favor of pushing back the voting date! Not sure if you wanted that reply here or in some other way, but there it is... Personally I would prefer for the Brashmonkey team to vote themselves, but I do agree with Heinz here. I think this would be a simple yet effective way of voting. bwwd is right in some aspects, but having to set up a registration for the competition would make it difficult for people such as myself (who usually never take note of these things) to enter. This competition has been a great opportunity for me to push myself into this part of making video games, so I thank Brashmonkey for providing it.
  3. Hi everyone and thanks for letting me take part in all of this. Here is my submission which is the very first game character I've ever made. All fall before the boss king!!!
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