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  1. Defold powered by King? Since when is this engine a thing?
  2. I made the red devil thing they are using as a sorta mascot right now, I was browsing Spriter steam community hub and noticed they were using it as an icon, then came here and saw it in the sale banner up there, then remembered spriter 2 announcement and thought "damn, they need a better mascot for that", so I made this little char for funsies. This is NOT official in any way, shape or form (should not have left spriter logo in there in retrospective), consider it a software-tan or something lol. Wanted to use their idea of a sprite pixie thing (because spriter) but also make it look
  3. Got it to get spriter on steam, now I have 2 licenses :O SpriteLamp was kind of nice too, besides that can't find use for anything else on the bundle
  4. You guys really really need to fix the forums. These spambots are ridiculous, it's imposible to tell what's new content and what's a post from 3 years ago that got bumped by a bot. At this rate, it would be better to merely use a freeforums.net service, since the bots seem to have driven all the posters away.
  5. De la palabra que google no tradujo asumo que hablas español. Para que el rectangulo de animacion sea siempre el mismo en todas las animaciones, yo lo que hago es poner un par de cuadrados en dos esquinas opuestas en todas las animaciones, asi cuando exportas la animacion el rectangulo es definido por estos dos cuadrados. Luego, hago una accion en photoshop para quitar los cuadrados de todas las framas automaticamente.
  6. Hey man your work is amazing as always, I wonder if you could please make a short video about how you set up a skins project in spriter. I know that skins are experimental and all that yada yada, but your work really makes me want to give them a spin but I can't even set up the file properly ( I can't even get a skin to follow a bone, for starters). A simple video or even a simple text step by step guide on how to set up the images will do.
  7. I have begun working with Spriter again and have been for the past month or so, and I a renewed view on spriter. These are my biggest nuances currently with spriter: -What's the logic behind having to rotate images counter-clockwise so they will be scaled properly inside spriter? I have to say that this is not intuitive in the least, at least for the end user. -The stepping on scaling a bone when dragging with the mouse is way too big, making subtle scaling animation a chore to do. -Why every time I key a bone, it also keys all it's children? This really breaks my workflow since I constantly h
  8. Constraint Relaxation IK seems to be working well and it's really good. I'm guessing this was the reason spriter was going unresponsive for long periods every so often. Onion skins still disappear when making any change in the current frame, this also happened to me on B10, making onion skins nearly useless.
  9. Do either Lucid or Mike have my files of the plant girl and the mantis? I lost them along all my other spriter stuff in a hard drive that passed away by the end of last year. You could give iccurd those so he can do his testing, assuming they are still compatible with the current spriter build. I know iccurd from over the gm forums, and have learned a lot from his examples, support him all you can, since currently spriter needs all the help it can get to catch up to the competition.
  10. I tried to reproduce it but wasn't able to. The images that got overwritten where only the faces, as you can see. Usually, for such things, what I do is copy and paste one of the existing files, rename the copied file to match the naming structure and then edit the new copied file in my painting program, then hit the update button on spriter. I have always done that and this is the first time spriter goes and overwrite a bunch of files, and spriter went and overwrote the files when I saved the project. Needless to say I'm gonna back up all my images before saving from now on, better safe than
  11. After a couple days of working in a character on v8_1 (latest stable) spriter decided that it didn't like my images or something and decided to replace half of them with it's "missing image" placeholder. Update: Spriter decided to be a jerk and overwrite a crapload more files. The first letter on these stand for profile, unlinke the previous ones where they had an f that stood for front, so no, this is not a case of renaming files outside spriter; this is another folder entirely that spriter decided it didn't like. If it helps in anything, the files that got overwritten where only ones that
  12. Thanks a lot for this, still barely learning the basics of construct and this should be a lot of help.
  13. I had the activate pro issue with b5.92, deleted it and installed b5.925 and it went away. B5 has remained activated all the time. I'm on win8 64 bit
  14. No. There are many scenarios where you would want a part only on the current frame, while pasting on all is mostly for when you failed to set up your character properly before starting to animate. Ctrl + + is there for a reason.
  15. Worked with it for a couple hours and never crashed, tried all the new features except skins with no problems. Performance went up a little bit too, 11 fps from the 7 fps on b5.9, but still far from the 20 fps on b5.
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