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  1. If you edit the name of an entity and dont press enter and press the close windows button, it will crash spriter.
  2. Also Paste to all key frame works differently than copy to all key frame. Only paste to all key frame will maintain the bone link, but copy to all frame will just make the sprite appear in all frame with bone links.
  3. When I add a bone to a complex animation it requires me to press like 10 times ctrl-z to undo it.
  4. Shortly after the explosion at the zoo, the market price of dead animal parts plummeted and a surgeon starts to fulfill his childhood dream of running a Circus. Rumours has it that the circus also has human parts from a Clown Car Accident... Some will accuse our journal of photoshopping the evidence but I think you are the best witness. I did all the animation with Spriter and it's unity plugin, credits for the Art goes to Emilien Rotival. Sadly the unity plugin we used messed up maaaany animations, any tip and trick how to efficiently work with multiple animation (Break down of file structure, how to manage the different skins, etc) I used a lot of character maps and backing into new entity. I guess still the most reliable would be to copy the project and replace the assets. Tip/Tricks, share them, great thanks from republik of finlandia.
  5. Its funny but there must be something that can be done, as the B-Click works for the bones, there must be a click handler that is slightly different. Probably th trackpad send some different message that Edgar has implemented almost everywhere else and he will know what's the problem right away ;) Thanks!
  6. Not really but I understand your mistyping. I select a bone, hold B, press a sprite and nothing happen. In older versions, doing so would make the sprite darker and linked to the selected bone. EDIT: ok I have identified the issue further. This problem occurs when I use my trackpad, it works fine when I use my touchscreen. For some reason Spriter ignores the click from my trackpad... Also tried with an external usb mouse, it also works fine... So at least the trackpad of Acer Aspire S7 is not working for whatever reason Cheers, Kimo
  7. Cant link bones to sprites. Spriter r2, win8, 64-bit. I can nicely link bones to bones but I can't link to sprites. Lock sprite and lock bones are both off. Has the way to do it changed or is this a real bug I'm running to?
  8. Huge thanks and congrats! It's a monumental task to do what you have done, I hope you remember to take a well deserved holiday under the palm trees with a big cocktail!
  9. kimo

    Andromeda Blue

    Andromeda Blue is now officially out! http://tiny.cc/b8a1gx We used Spriter b6.1 till the end, too scared to change and try spriter b7 ;)
  10. kimo

    Andromeda Blue

    Good news, we've just entered beta! It's going great, spriter has been so much help. The batch resize feature was the most handy, saved my world. Had to scale down all our animations for low memory phones... The new monogame release 3.2, was a life saver too, as it fixed critical bugs and improved rendering performance... It's really a luxury the be able to animate 90% of the assets with spriter in our game, I haven't seen others use it on Tiles but it's definitely great for that too. Cheers, Kimo
  11. During this game jam weekend I though that most of the pipeline for getting animations to unity could be easily integrated in Spriter. EDIT: nevermind, someone's working on that, and posted it just at the end of the weekend :D
  12. kimo

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    Two smaller bug. Cloning an entity won't clone the easing curves. Baking a character map into a new entity will not rename the changed object so I feel weird having a female character with asset named male_head_xx (but functionality works fine)
  13. kimo

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    It seems that ctrl-z is not working for sprite animation frame-change (right-click select new sprite)
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