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  1. Two characters... a day. Wow, you have my sincere respect. You seem to get allot of mileage out of using just one or two still images, I do things a bit differently then this, which is probably why my characters take so long to finish. Agreed, having the characters in an animation like style is why the fluidity works. Ive tried multiple different programs too, many of which had their own strengths and weaknesses. Most of them were small, specialized and freeware, but generally missing a feature or two that I'd wanted or wasn't 100% useable somehow, at least to me. Some are very good or excelle
  2. Very nice Bwwd, I don't know if your doing a He-Man game but the animations look like they'd fit perfectly with the Hanna-Barbara style. I actually tried Stickman ages ago, long before Spriter existed when I was investigating different software. At the time I felt it wasn't intuitive enough for me, although I think people should simply use what their comfortable with. Glad to see the OpenBoR engine is still thriving, I'm really looking forward to a number of the newer mods as well: SoR4, TMNT:Shell Shock, & Final Fight:Remake, although I'm probably forgetting a few. I was kind of hoping y
  3. Didn't know where else to ask about this but, I know there are some that will want to be able to have the choice of antialiasing/jaggy's either for display or export. Myself I prefer zero filtering. Any chance this will be optional for 1.0 release?
  4. Health is always more important. Don't strain yourself unnecessarily because you know it will only make it worse. Take the time you need and more importantly RELAX. You've earned yourself a break.
  5. Bravo gentleman. Thank you so much for the effort.
  6. At last a reply! Well better late then never right? As a matter of fact I was finally able to run the aforementioned alpha sometime later. Whatever it was my virus software didn't like, waiting for it to be updated did the trick. Of course I wasn't able to use it for very long, but what I saw looked good. I just want to say that I look forward to the new release and irregardless if this fits my specific needs and whether I decide to continue using it, I wish you both success. I believe that what you have here fits a niche that needs filling and that your program as it is now is competitive. O
  7. Hi, I just tried to download the Spriter alpha r1a from here https://workflowy.com/shared/57f7fc6e-2 ... fac0a8c43/ and predictably when I did my antivirus software nabbed it and put in quarantine. This is a common thing it does with newer untested files. So I took it out of quarantine in order to run it. However... when I did my antivirus software once again stopped it cold. It said that it did '2 threatening actions', which it didn't go any further in explaining. So I've no idea what it deems threatening enough to stop it but I'm weary enough not to push it further.
  8. Anyone wanting to get a hold of Spriter for an unheard of low price, NOW is the time. For the moment Spriter is available for $5.99! http://www.brashmonkey.com/buyspriter.htm
  9. Another feature I would suggest is making anti-aliasing optional. If your using Spriter as an aid for pixel art (as I am) then being able to turn off anti-aliasing is a must.
  10. Yeah more intuitive control would be great (like with the mouse) but as it functions now definitely suffices. I see your point about Pixel Masking especially since this program isn't geared toward the art side of things but more about economizing resources and easing production. Thank you for considering my requests and good luck with your program... I'll be looking forward to the new functionality!
  11. I'm also working on my own game (why else would I be here right?), so this application turns out to be just what I was looking for. Great tool!
  12. I've some feature suggestions for you: -Onion Skinning- for much easier & intuitive animation. -Pixel Mask- for making part of an image 'invisible', this would be for when certain parts obstruct something else that would normally be visible. Other then that the two major things you already mentioned: -Free Rotation- This is self explanatory. -Exporting the animation as bitmaps- (Animated GIF, PNG, whatever) although right now the old print-screen works fine for this. ...Would also be pretty handy. Nice software so far!
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