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Please post feature suggestions here.

Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hi new here, anyway i just purchased the program after looking up a bit what a great animation kit for the price. But i never realized it does not any mesh application in so you can skin the image to the bone and bend it as apposed to being broken up into multiple parts (?as far as i can tell?), so that would be fantastic :p, i really find the bone creation fairly finicky im use working in maya etc, it would be fantastic if instead of draging there was a way to select a bone mode where you could click to start a chain and every click continued the chain till you could right click to to end that chain before starting a new one instead of all this awkward alt click drag stuff.   Also a way for me to pick a rotate, or move function instead of both showing up when i mouse over a bone  as some times i do be trying to rotate a bone but end up dragging it by mistake example i would R to rotate an object W to move what ever i select.  Anyway thats my feedback err thanks (not expecting anything lol) but thought i would leave some thing here anwyay. Thanks

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To Daleatron, the software takes getting used to compared to 3D software, but with enough practice you won't mind it as much. :)

More feature suggestions:

  • Have the taskbar begin with the filename, not 'Spriter Pro Edition'.
  • Option to clear guides.
  • As always, finally allow the saving and loading of the workspace! :wacko:
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- It would be great if Spriter did not export non used sprite in the spritesheet. If there were guide, this would also not count as used in that case.

Currently I need to remove the non used sprite manually while all the info is on the spriter. I guess I could create a script to automatically remove non used item but if Spriter would do it it would be simpler :)



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Feature Requests: 

1)Make "Transform Object Properties" : Textboxes, understand arithmetic input. This will save us time from dragging the rotators for each keyframe to a desired amount of transform iteration, bringing out calculators to solve the arithmetic or making scripts.

For example, if I were to multiply 5 degrees to a bone with different current angles for each keyframe in my project. I would have to use a calculator or script every time which is very inefficient. But, I could have avoided that by just copying the "arithmetic operation" for every keyframe in the textbox.

And also, it would be useful to have a variable that we can use to get the 'current object transform values for each attribute'. For example, "Self.X", "Self.Y" or "Self.Angle".

Besides this will be a key part for my feature request 1 & 2.

2)Transform all feature : A dialog box that brings out the common transform options, but it has the option to apply to either the "entire entity", "entire animation" or "entire keyframe". And they way it works is by selecting objects on the layout and the selected objects will be the one affected by the transformation, then after that, select the button "Transform All" and it will launch the "Transform All" dialog. This feature should be useful when the "Transform textboxes" can already understand arithmetic (Feature Request 1), because we can then now use the "Self.X", "Self.Y", or "Self.Angle".
The best thing about this is it's transformation relative to each instance.

3)Transform by Inverse Kinematics. This is a need for accurate measurements. ;-)

Thank You, Brashmonkey Team.

- Chad

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A way for self-draw to use more than one spritesheet, so that spritesheets greater than 2048px can be split up into two or three pngs, such as by being frame 1, 2 and 3 in the C2 object. That way if a spritesheet is 5k px, you don't have to shrink the spritesheet to about 40% and look blurry.

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A standard JSON implementation to rule them all:


There's actually software like Affinity Designer that supports exporting to Spine JSON 


Please make Spriter receive JSON so Spriter can receive sprites directly from graphic applications and then you (Brashmonkey) talk to Affinity so they add an option inside Affinity Designer so Spriter can be part of the workflow too.

Please also add first party (developed and supported by you instead of third parties) runtimes (instead of first party converters) for Unity and most used.

If possible add real time editing directly from Spriter into Unity like Toon Boom does.


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Layers within animations!

This can be helpful for many reasons but being able to use them to animate only the legs for run cycles while being able to fire the attack animations separately would be SUPER useful. Currently UNITY's built-in animation editor is capable of doing this and I think an excellent premium software like Spriter Pro should add this to it's ever growing repertoire of features/tools.

Thanks for your hard work and consideration gentlemen!

- Chris 

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