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  1. - It would be great if Spriter did not export non used sprite in the spritesheet. If there were guide, this would also not count as used in that case. Currently I need to remove the non used sprite manually while all the info is on the spriter. I guess I could create a script to automatically remove non used item but if Spriter would do it it would be simpler
  2. Upon right clicking on the play button, it plays the animation once but finish and stay on the first frame instead of the last frame. This feature is useful to check non looping animation. unfortunately because it goes back to frame 1 at the end, it is difficult to judge the animation.
  3. - Ability to set items as guide so they do not get exported/used in the game but can stay there to be helpful for editing.
  4. Ok, no worries I currently use spriter for the ui of my game and I think Spriter is a really cool tool for that. It lacks a critical feature that of grouping sprite hierarchically though. It would also be cool to have a selection (configurable) of screen preview to see how the entity (a UI) looks in different resolution font (at least bitmap) support would be nice. Any plan to make Spriter 2 a more UI friendly tool ?
  5. I am assembling image together and would like to know the width and height of that group of image. Upon selecting them as a group, I do not see anywhere the info regarding the height and width of the union of their bounding box. Any idea? Thanks
  6. Thanks Mike, so far this video made it works for me though it looks a bit blury
  7. Thanks Mike and loudo I did not know SpriterHaxeEngine had a kha implementation My main reason to do a new haxe impl was to make a version without reference to rendering and without alloc Vector is the main trick but there are few other. Hxtelemetry was very useful for that. One of them is that because haxe Map do not have a clear method I had to keep track of the key in an array. Also I had to create a dummy key to I guess allocate first I did not do any performance test apart from the alloc test on hxcpp.
  8. I can see it now in code. Was confused as the param get exposed while it will be always true Thanks
  9. Hi, I am happy to announce the first release of a new spriter runtime for Haxe (https://github.com/wighawag/spriter , haxelib : http://lib.haxe.org/p/spriter/ ) It is originaly based on the great work of @Loodakrawa for its c# implementation. I optimized it for Haxe and got rid of allocation (so no gc at all while spriter entity is animating!) This does not use pool neither. The runtime itself contain no rendering code and there is currently only one library that do the rendering : https://github.com/wighawag/spriterkha This for Kha : http://kha.tech/ an awesome low level cross pla
  10. Hi, I have another question, this time, regarding sound. What is the trigger attribute for? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info, I saw the use of box in the processing method but I thought about box as collision box and thus do not plan to actually draw them. They seemed to me more useful as data to be probed hence the use of name as key. On that note, I am not sure Spriter enforce the absence of duplicated name? I ll have to check that Haxe is pretty cool, my version should work on c# too
  12. Hi, @Loodakrawa First of all thanks for this implementation in C#. I am porting it to Haxe and already have it passing the tests. I am now in the process of streamlining it and optimizing it. I am also polishing the api and I have got a question regarding the boxData in the FrameData. It is set as a Dictionary with objectId (Int) as keys. Are we suposed to know the objectId to get the box information? Would it not be better to get it via name ? Or is there any reason why it is like this ? Another thing that was bugging me is this issue : https://github.co
  13. - Give the source code to the user of the pro version. (like Unreal does for example) This might be controversial but I think can give lots of benefit to Spriter given the number of feature requested in this thread: - Give more confidence in the future of Spriter as if something goes wrong, the source is in our hand - Allow user to potenitally contribute to code (fixes as well as features)
  14. Hi, Got 2 suggestion in my head right now : - having an option to export image sequence so that the center in Spriter IS the center in each frame. This way the Spriter center info is not lost in the export. This would mean that there will be a lot space wasted but this is usually not a problem if such sequence is then texture packed. Currently spriter use a maximum bound but this is per anaimation and thus the image seuqnce cannot be used as is in games. - It would be better to have collision polygon instead of the current simpler collision rectangle Thanks
  15. Does the new interface will still allow to use currentTime (as oposed to a delta based api) ? I hope so as it allow to render the animation in a stateless manner (immediate mode) Thanks
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