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  1. Hi, Is there any news to this? Is there a way we could get priority support for this? Thank you.
  2. Hi, I recently made a bug report about an alpha issue with the Spriter .c3addon (c3runtime). We currently cannot show transparent animations with Spriter in Construct 3. I have made a very minimal project that shows the issue, here. Alternative link to the bug report: (https://www.construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/spriter-c3-addon-10-12-2019-130240/page-22) It's a very simple project, a simple white rectangular image with a fading animation, to show the issue. Hopefully it will make it easier to debug. Thank you. Best regards!
  3. Can those who have purchased Spriter Pro from the Scirra Store join the Private Alpha and test the new Spriter 2 features? You might have missed those who purchased from 3rd party stores. Thanks.
  4. It seems Lucid is starting to port the SCML / Spriter Plugin into the C3Runtime. References :: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-3/plugin-sdk-10/custom-importer-api-now-availa-131293 https://github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs/issues/2053 I just wanted to say thanks. @Mike at BrashMonkey
  5. I wouldn't want to pressure the Spriter Team, that's going too far. Though, I hope the C3 Runtime version of Spriter Pro releases before https://construct3.ideas.aha.io/ideas/C3-I-76 Construct 3's own timeline feature. After that, I doubt Spriter 2 releasing will impress anyone much anymore. Especially when the overhead with a native timeline is far more minimal than a 3rd party plugin which is parsed from a JSON. But personally, I'd prefer Spriter. I'm just crossing my fingers to whom will release first.
  6. There is a workaround we use. Though, probably updating the plugin is better. But just in case. Construct 2 :: New Project Drag and Drop the SCML into Construct 2. The Collision Boxes are then automatically created there with High Performance Mode. Standard Mode or Hybrid Mode. Save as .capx Import .capx into Construct 3. To be converted into a Construct 3 Project. From the Construct 3 Editor of that imported project. Copy the Spriter Sprites and SCML from the layout into your main project. From the Construct 3 Editor of that imported project. Copy the Spriter Initialization Events from the Spriter Event Sheet into your main project. You now have successfully imported a Spriter :: Hybrid Mode / Standard Mode SCML with collision boxes into your main Construct 3 Project. The workaround is easy enough to do. Although, @Mike at BrashMonkey if you still plan to update the plugin, if it's alright, please include the C3runtime. Thanks.
  7. I would also like to inform that the C3 SDK has some interesting features that you might like to use. Those include, Editor :: Preview. Draw and Preview plugins on the editor. Potentially can be useful for showing and previewing the initial animation/frame of the Spriter Plugin even while on the editor. Custom Importer :: Drag files to import into Construct 3 and make events, objects, instances, container and families automatically like on Construct 2. Drawing :: The C3 SDK already had drawing features available on the initial release. So, by now, it is stable enough to be supported. And a few already made use of it. There are probably a lot more. But I recommend you guys checking it out yourselves. Thank you in advance. - Chad
  8. I highly appreciate the support for the Construct 3 plugin and fixing the most recent issue it had. Reference: Although, there is a new important matter the Spriter Users of the Construct Community is in need of help. That is the support for c3runtime. The current Spriter Plugin only supports c2runtime, even though it is a Construct 3 addon. There are 2 runtimes available for the Construct 3 Editor. Those are, as previously mentioned, the c3runtime and c2runtime. The c3runtime has been available for a reasonably long time now. And it has been proven to be very fast, some tests conducted observed up to 500% improvement in both calculations and rendering. And a lot are waiting for the numerous plugins from c2runtime to be ported to it, including the Spriter Plugin. We would really appreciate for the support if Brashmonkey could port the Spriter Plugin into c3runtime. References:: C3 SDK :: https://www.construct.net/make-games/manuals/addon-sdk [+Full Drawing Editor & Runtime] Request Link :: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-2/general-discussion-17/spriter-c2-spriter-2-teaser-53263/page-121 Thank you in advance. - Chad
  9. I just want to close this, as fixed. Thanks. Reference: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/test-spriter-c3-addon-7-2-upda-130240/page-5?q=scml
  10. Hey again, new news. The Construct 3 - Spriter Plugin has problems with Sprite-sheeting. Construct 3 combines images including Spriter Images. So, what happens, is that, the SCML plugin can display the wrong image. So, the game developers that had ported from Construct 2 to Construct 3 also have broken games. Please, help us out on this by making a stable version of the Spriter Plugin as soon as you can. Thanks.
  11. Okay. We are looking forward to it. Thanks again!
  12. Hello. Can we get the Construct 3 SCML plugin updated. It has been half a year ever since the beta and a stable version would be very nice. There have been many changes ever since on Construct 3, including the Construct 3 Desktop Build, Stable SDK for the new runtime, Custom Importer SDK and etc... If it would be possible to as soon as possible have a Construct 3 version that can take advantage of the new features and also support the Spriter Hybrid Mode (High Performance Mode + Standard Mode) on Construct 3. Some of us also use the non-self drawing mode, so please support the said feature. Thank You. @lucid @Brashmonkey Reference to the SDK: https://www.construct.net/make-games/manuals/addon-sdk Reference to the Construct Forums: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-2/construct-2-general-17/spriter-c2-11-22-test-c3-addon-53263/page-120#forumPost938541
  13. Yes. I don't mind manually doing it at the moment. But it will save us time in the future especially for us that have a lot of Spriter Projects. Thanks again, Brashmonkey Team.
  14. No. I mean the bounding box for frames. Aren't bounding boxes supposed to be optimized to rescale with the project?
  15. Hello Brashmonkey Team, I have a little bug I've encountered that needs attention. The bounding boxes are ignored or not rescaled after resizing the entire project. That's all. Thanks. - Chad
  16. Feature Requests: 1)Make "Transform Object Properties" : Textboxes, understand arithmetic input. This will save us time from dragging the rotators for each keyframe to a desired amount of transform iteration, bringing out calculators to solve the arithmetic or making scripts. For example, if I were to multiply 5 degrees to a bone with different current angles for each keyframe in my project. I would have to use a calculator or script every time which is very inefficient. But, I could have avoided that by just copying the "arithmetic operation" for every keyframe in the textbox. And also, it would be useful to have a variable that we can use to get the 'current object transform values for each attribute'. For example, "Self.X", "Self.Y" or "Self.Angle". Besides this will be a key part for my feature request 1 & 2. 2)Transform all feature : A dialog box that brings out the common transform options, but it has the option to apply to either the "entire entity", "entire animation" or "entire keyframe". And they way it works is by selecting objects on the layout and the selected objects will be the one affected by the transformation, then after that, select the button "Transform All" and it will launch the "Transform All" dialog. This feature should be useful when the "Transform textboxes" can already understand arithmetic (Feature Request 1), because we can then now use the "Self.X", "Self.Y", or "Self.Angle". The best thing about this is it's transformation relative to each instance. 3)Transform by Inverse Kinematics. This is a need for accurate measurements. Thank You, Brashmonkey Team. - Chad
  17. Hello @BrashAdmin I have a feature request.... It would be very amazing if the parts shown by the images can be controlled... For example, only showing 50% or 25% from the X-Axis or Y-Axis.... This will be great for Healthbars, Progressbars, FadeIn & FadeOut Effects other than using Opacity. Thank you for your time.
  18. Can I use the animations pack here & from the purchase of spriter pro to one or more of my games? -Thanks
  19. I found a bug on Spriter R8 and I'll make the steps to reproduce it here: (I can't explain it without telling you the steps) 1) Create a Circle image (add a line to where the angle 0 is) and drag to spriter and set the origin to middle. 2) Set the total time to 500 ms. 3)At time 0ms set the wheel angle to 0 degrees 4) At time 125ms set the wheel angle to 90 degrees 5) At time 250ms set the wheel angle to 180 degrees 6) If you go to time 375ms you'll notice that the circle is 270 degrees and at time 500ms the circle is 0 degrees. So we expect that it changes it's angle + 90 clockwise every 125ms even though there is no keyframe. 7) Save Project & close. 8)Re-open Project 9)Go to time 375ms & you'll notice that it's angle is now 90 degrees, So it rotated to counter-clockwise after save. I really believe this is a bug. Thanks for your time. BTW. A side-note. How do I manually make a key-frame so that I can avoid these types of problem in the future. Thanks again.
  20. Spriter R8 bug when setting timeline time to currentime:0 & total time: 0. The Program crashes when I set the total time to 0.
  21. Ohh. I thought it was a Spriter Feature. Thanks XD
  22. Nice Thanks for the tutorial. How did you make those edges(topleft,topright,bottomleft,bottomright) show?
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