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  1. Hi new here, anyway i just purchased the program after looking up a bit what a great animation kit for the price. But i never realized it does not any mesh application in so you can skin the image to the bone and bend it as apposed to being broken up into multiple parts (?as far as i can tell?), so that would be fantastic :p, i really find the bone creation fairly finicky im use working in maya etc, it would be fantastic if instead of draging there was a way to select a bone mode where you could click to start a chain and every click continued the chain till you could right click to to end that chain before starting a new one instead of all this awkward alt click drag stuff. Also a way for me to pick a rotate, or move function instead of both showing up when i mouse over a bone as some times i do be trying to rotate a bone but end up dragging it by mistake example i would R to rotate an object W to move what ever i select. Anyway thats my feedback err thanks (not expecting anything lol) but thought i would leave some thing here anwyay. Thanks
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