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  1. spriter has such an elegant and intuitive GUI, I am very eager to see its evolution in 2
  2. Its almost december now :) are they going to do it on new years ever or christmas?
  3. I agree its admirable and will surely lead to having loyal customers
  4. What will be the first engines that support spriter 2 animations? My concern is that you will target Unity3d because its popular- but unity3d already has these features built in. Moving on to Unreal- very few people use it for 2d games.. Construct3's new license stops me from using it. Fusion 3 is nowhere near release- judging by clickteam's behavior. Game maker would make a lot of sense. If we want to look at open source - Gdevelop as well as Godot 3 would be fantastic!
  5. @Mike at BrashMonkey Well, since spriter 2 may not be coming this year, next year or god knows when, can you guys at least add to the current version of spriter freeform transform tool deformation? Something that would allow us to at least skew body parts. Even Optix sprite studio has it: http://www.webtech.co.jp/eng/spritestudio/ see here: eventhough optix has the same limitation as spriter- not being able to create meshes and bind a single sprite to multiple bones, it still has a more flexible sprite transformation that gives way more creative freedom. Would that be a lower hanging fruit achievable before 2?
  6. Well, by the timeyouguys release spriter 2, we will have runtimes for dragonbones on everything They are also adding skins soon. The competition is catching up
  7. Spriter 1* will not do mesh deformation in general. The developer needs to rewrite a lot of the core functionality to get that - thus why we have been waiting for 2 for years now and no word of when 2 is coming out For now use Dragonbones, but please do note that if you export to spine2d and the runtime in the game engine you use was writter by esoteric soft - you wont be allowed to use it unless you have purchased their expensive 300$ license.
  8. Show the current frame (image name) of a selected sprite in the object properties - right now it is hard to determine the frame number! copy>Paste only position of a sprite (but not its frame)
  9. yes i did, by installing the 32bit vcredist manually - since steam wont do it automatically
  10. unfortunately the blender one does not have ANY runtimes. It can be imported into godot as a cutout animation (no deformations)
  11. I found that this bug is due to steam not installing the 86x version of the vcredist file required by spriter. This is why the linux version has no issues
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