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    Dryynrins reacted to fetito666 in Spriter and GameMaker   
    I am planning on buying Spriter on Steam so that I can use it in GameMaker. How far does the integration between both programs work?
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    Dryynrins reacted to saga55555 in Asking about deform/meshes feature   
    Hi, I using Spriter for a year now and I really like it.  It's easy to use and understand.  I already finished my first game with Spriter.
        I want is ask is "What is  the estimate date for deform/meshes feature release?"  I planned to start my 2nd game in the next 2 months and this time I want to make larger images and better movement.  So I think this feature is must need for my 2nd game.
        I see the beta version that can use this feature and really want to use it (if the full version with deform/meshes not come on time :P)  But seem like it's not available for download now  -.-"
    Thank you and sorry for my English ^.^
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    Dryynrins reacted to bwwd in S curve in spriter   
    Why it works so weird, speeds up then slowdowns noticeably in the middle between keyframes, its not how its supposed to be, in spine it works perfectly but here in spriter its strange, also im using in to smoothout last keyframe with first one because it doesnt work too well in the middle of animation, there is something wrong with implementation of curves in spriter, do you guys actually tested it in the middle of animation, it looks bad, kinda useless i would say, only useful if you have 2 keyframes for entire animation, then it works fine , but if you have more than 2 and youre using S curve for all keyframes then its very strange motion, even worse than linear , in spine its all perfect when you use S curve for all keyframes.Why is that ?
    When im using S curve in spriter for multiple keyframes (3 or more) then It looks like its still linear but it speeds up/ slowdowns in a weird manner.
    Also can you guys do something like blender has , so its using S curve by default ? Some sort of switch , so i wouldnt have to select curves on all keyframes , just tick box and it would use S curves automatically.
    Linear curve is quite bad for animation.Do you guys have any spriter example of walkcycle using S curves on entire animation ? I do and it looks very bad straight from spriter.
    So after a couple of irritating results here is my test with S curve in spriter, there are 3 keyframes all with S curve there, this one :

    Keyframes are on 0,300 and 600, timeline has lenght of 900, animation starts with head on bottom, look how speedup is last one (from top to bottom) , its not how it should be ! Obviously S curve doesnt work properly on more than 2 frames and id say its a
    serious problem.

    I made some more experiments and i found out what is wrong, its the main keyframes on very top !!
    IF you change them to use S curve then they wont change S curve for all bones on this particular point on timeline, when you take a look at keyframes for particular bones - theyre still linear ! This is very strange,  so what's the use of changing that curve on main keyframe on top ? The one that moves all other keyframes if you move it .
    This is created by adjusting S curve on keyfram of this particular bone instead of keyframe on very top and it works fine !

    I would prefere to change keyframes curve by using the main keyframes on top, i dont want to change curves on my entire rig so many times , there should be some better way to do it, i thought that main keyframe will change curve for all bones below it but its not how it works, so why it even has curve to adjust ? Can you guys do something about it , changing curves like that on all bones in animation multiple times is insane !
    Anyway there still should not be that speedup after 3rd keyframe in first animation, so there is something wrong there definitely, becuse on first example S curve works fine from 0 to 1st keyframe and 1st to 2nd but from 2nd to end it doesnt work too well.
    How to change curve on multiple bones, or all of them? i select all of them then second mouse button and menu pops up to pick curve, linear instant or custom S, so i do it but when i check them after this then they keyframes curves arent changed at all , just single one !
    I would even pay extra $$ for spriter version that doesnt use linear curves at all, only S shaped one, cubic with 2 points (top,bottom)or bezier S by default.Linear is fine for robotic movement, tricky to use it for decent animation of living creatures.
    IF i cant change curves in all keys in spriuter then can i open spriter project as TXT file and replace some lines to get S curves on all keyframes ?
    Also if you guys ever fix this issue with curves then please add preset for S curve, i dont want to create it myself everytime i choose other curve than linear, it will save A LOT of time, when i click 2nd mouse button on keyframe then in small popup menu  should be linear, S curve and instant curve, and then on very bottom "edit curve" or something.now its only linear ,instant and edit your curve, and then even more stuff to click and click and click and click and wow i changed it to S curve finally !
    yeah i figured out, i can replace curve in spriter file on keyframe with curve_type="bezier" c1="0.2879" c2="0" c3="0.7189" c4="0.995261" spin="0"> but its still painful, i think even more than changing it in spriter itself oh why  :-|
    Also i noticed if you will save main keyframe on top with bezier curve then all other keyframes below it will still use default linear curve, its a bug or something else ?
    Tried again, this time i changed all main keyframes to use S curve and.... it did used curve on all main keyframes ( including last ones, dont ask me why ! i dont know why it worked, but "worked" and result is not what i would expect form s curve:

    see how its very robotic ? its worse than linear !
    This is linear for example :

    Its much better but it shouldnt be !
    I dont know why is that, how custom curves are used in spriter but this is not how outcome should look like  :-|  weird staccato movement, now "stops" that i want to avoid from linear are even more pronounced and its very bad !!
    --LOL i disovered that using bezier /S curve gets identical results to using this curve:

    So maybe spriter displays graphs and curves but doesnt really use them properly, because how is it possible that S curve and this curve "peak" gets the same staccato results ?! Try it yourself guys.
    It simply speeds up in the middle of keyframes then slowdown close to keyframes, which is wrong.
    This is how curves are handled in blender :
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    Dryynrins reacted to olkina in My game doesn't run on Samsung, what can be the problem?   
    May someone here is using the spriter animations in Construct 2 for mobile app? Is there specific problem or known issues in Spriter's animations in Samsung devices?
    I'm developing a mobile game for kids. I test my game on Nexus 4, 5, and 9 devices, on HTC and on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. On the Nexuses and n the HTC my game runs well, but on the Samsung devices my game stuck - I see the loader about 3 minutes and then I get the background of the first layout with clouds (not moving) and that's all. My spriter's object are created in the first layout.
    I export my project to Cordova and then I compile it  with Phonegap or Crosswalk with the same result.
    Construct 2 release 208 (64-bit)
    Spriter release 4.1
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    Dryynrins reacted to KaMiZoTo in Switching off keyframing / relative keys   
    I was wondering if there was a way to 'switch off' the key framing in order to move the position of an objet but keep its animation relative to it.
    For example, an object doing a circle movement (position keys). If I want to change its 'global' position but keep the same movement, I have to move the object on every keys it has.
    Do I missed an option or shortcut to have the keys in relative and not in absolute?
    I'm not sure to be clear. ^^
    Thank you
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    Dryynrins reacted to SymboliC in Aligning all bones "start points/pivots"(?) to respective images' pivot points...   
    I'm not sure if this is applicable or if this function does even exist but in the next release can you include a feature like "align all bone pivots/starting points(? I don't if the terminology is correct here) to their respective images' pivots"... OR equalize all XY coordinates of bones to XY coordinates of respective images?
    Continuously pressing B to detach images from bones and positioning bones, reattaching images and this is followed by the correction of the placement of child objects is really an exhausting workflow for me...  :-|
    Please enlighten me if I'm doing something wrong or if there is an easier way for this. I have also checked the shortcuts but couldn't achieve what I was looking for.
    Actually, is it possible to position the bone (maybe while pressing another key) even if I don't detach it from its image?
    Thanks a lot,
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    Dryynrins reacted to Kiori in FBX Export   
    Have you guys thought about creating an fbx export feature?
    It could really streamline the usage of spriter with many engines out there.
    Breaking the imediate need for engine specific implementation.
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    Dryynrins reacted to PrismaSlice in Spriter R3 Bug Thread   
    I have an annoying bug in windows 8.1
    When I set the interpolation curve of a parent object to something other then linear, the IK targets on the children move out of place. It's a spider so there are a lot of legs and a fairly deep hierarchy. I can set the interpolation for the timeline as a whole but this isn't ideal since it's messing up the timing for all of my secondary animations. My workaround right now will probably be to manually animate the legs, which is a HUGE pain. Hopefully that can get hammered out in a future release.
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    Dryynrins reacted to lucid in Spriter R3 Released!   
    Hi everyone,
    We're please to announce the release of Spriter build R3, which includes some great new time saving features and bug fixes.
    First a quick note to Linux users.  Spriter for Linux is available to test on Steam.  We're not going to officially announce it as supported for Steam until we get some more users to confirm it works for them.  Please reply here if you get a chance to try it and it works, or if it doesn't, please post as many details as you can, such as OS version, 64 or 32 bit, any relevant error messages, etc.  If you own Spriter Pro on Steam, just log into Steam under Linux, and it should be available.
    As for Spriter R3, we've got handy new shortcuts for moving through the timeline, and a new batch export (to png/gif) feature.
    Here is a quick video showing showcasing whats new to R3 (Full Change-log at the bottom of this post):

    We hope this new build will save you time and make using Spriter an even more convenient and enjoyable experience, and we also hope you find it to be worth the wait.
    Speaking of waiting, we apologize for the prolonged silence in regards to the Spriter reference implementation we're working on. While it is our top priority until it's finished, there has been a great deal of preliminary planning, and careful design decisions to work through before the actual coding was begun.
    Our original plan was to create a basic implementation which covers only Spriter's current feature set as quickly as possible, but then realized that a rushed version would definitely cause the need for some fairly drastic re-writes in order to accommodate several of the up-coming features we have planned for the coming many months.

    This made us realize its a better idea to take the time needed to do it right...to make sure its as future/feature proof as possible, and that it's built from the ground up in anticipation of the upcoming expanded feature-set. In fact, some of the new features will just work instantly on any Spriter implementation ported from the reference implementation as soon as the feature becomes available in Spriter.  We've also done quite a bit of planning to ensure that even some of the larger upcoming features will require minimal additions to existing code.
    In other news, aside from the preliminary work for the implementation itself, as well as small bug fixes and new features to Spriter itself, we've also been very busy with many other investments in Spriter's future, including but not limited to commencing with the design and creation of a new art pack, which will not only introduce new animation and art content to Spriter's library (hint, not for a side-scrolling game type), but will also introduce several new features to Spriter itself. These new features will not only give this art pack an unprecedented level of customizability, but will also offer even more flexibility and options to all Spriter users for the creation of their own original content. (more on this up-coming new art pack is a future update. It's roughly half finished, but still several months away.)
    Again, we apologize for the not so regular updates, and we will make sure the next update won't take so long, and progress reports will be more frequent and more complete.  We'll do everything we can to make the implementation (and eventual new features that it will accommodate) well worth the wait. And of course, once we're finished, our focus will be on helping developers port this fully featured implementation to as many authoring systems languages as possible.
    Thanks again everyone for your support and patience.
    Cheers, Edgar at BrashMonkey

    Download Spriter R3 here if you don't have the Steam version or automatic update notifications on.
    Spriter Release 3
    Released 2/26/2015
    Additions and Enhancements
    Added Shift key modifier to shortcuts for Previous Keyframe and Next Keyframe (1 and 2 keys). Shift+1 and Shift+2 will go to the previous and next frame where the currently selected objects are keyed Added Control key modifier to shortcuts for Previous Keyframe and Next Keyframe (1 and 2 keys). Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+2 increment and decrement time by the currently set Snapping Interval, or by one millisecond if snapping is turned off Cleaned up Export to PNG/Gif Dialog to hide controls that don't apply to the current export settings Added new Pro Feature 'Batch Export' to the Export to PNG/Gif Dialog. Allows you to choose several animations to export at once Added 'Trim To Entity' as an option for the Source Rectangle when performing a Batch Export. This will choose one bounding box size that will fit all of the selected animations for each entity Added 'Trim To All Entities' as an option for the Source Rectangle when performing a Batch Export. This will choose one bounding box size that will fit all selected animations for all entities Bug Fixes
    Removed tutorial video playback within Spriter (video links are still available) as a temporary fix for some users who were experiencing crashes due to the feature Fixed a bug where creating a bone required several undos to revert instead of one Fixed a bug where the images in the File Palette weren't updated after the Reload All Images was pressed Fixed a crash that would occur if you attempted to close Spriter while in the middle of renaming an entity
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    Dryynrins reacted to Dengar in Spriter for Unity 5.0   

    Previous thread: http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3365-spriter-for-unity-43-updated-integrated/
    Old version: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2Unity
    Even older version (Unity 4.x compatible): https://github.com/bonus2113/Spriter2Unity
    So I've decided to build an entirely new version of the importer from scratch. This enabled me to work with it way more easily. Hopefully other programmers will also find it much easier to work with now:
    Spriter2UnityDX 1.0.3
    GitHub Link: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2UnityDX
    Anyone is free to fork it and do their own work. If it's pretty good stuff I'll merge it into the main branch.
    Package Link: https://github.com/Dharengo/Spriter2UnityDX/raw/master/Packages/Spriter2UnityDX.unitypackage
    Use instructions: 
    !!!Requires Unity 5.x!!!
    1) Import the above package into your Unity project. Just drag and drop it into your Project View.
    2) Import your entire Spriter project folder (including the .scml file and all of the textures) into your Unity project.
    3) The converter should automatically create a Prefab and an AnimatorController in the same folder that contains the .scml file.
    4) When you make any changes to the .scml, the converter will attempt to modify existing assets if they exist.
    5) If these updates cause any irregular behaviour, try deleting the Prefab and Controller and re-importing the .scml.
    Differences from previous version:
    -The textures' import settings are examined before building the prefab, and automatically set to the format that is needed to build the Spriter Entity.
    -AnimationClips only contain curves for properties that actually change.
    -When updating existing assets, priority goes to the AnimatorController that is actually connected to the prefab, in case you are using the same AnimatorController for multiple Spriter Entities.
    -Body parts that have alternate textures (such as facial expressions) have an additional script component named "Sprite Swapper" on them which controls which sprite is displayed at any one time. You can manipulate this component at runtime to do fun things like give your characters alternate skins. For sprites that don't need a Sprite Swapper, you can just manipulate the Sprite Renderer.
    -The root GameObject now holds an "Entity Renderer" which allows you to manipulate all of the children's Sprite Renderers simultaneously as if they were one sprite. Disabling the Entity Renderer will also disable all the Sprite Renderers, and enabling it will enable them again.
    -Easily extensible, readable code.
    (Currently) Unsupported Features & Future Ideas
    -Automatically generate an Override Controller
    -CharacterMap support (I don't have Spriter Pro myself though, and I know very little about this at this point in time)
    -Dynamic Reparenting (changing the parent of a sprite during the animation will not be translated to Unity)
    -Support for other Pro features (subentities, notably)
    Known Issues:
    -Pivot points that are assigned on the canvas. Right now if you do this, your sprite will be misaligned when imported in Unity. I am planning on creating a fix for this on the next update, but not sure when that will be. For now, just set the default pivot point instead.
    -On a related note, NOT setting any default pivot points at all will also cause irregular behavior.
    -In some cases, the importer will endlessly loop. A workaround is manually setting your texture files to Sprite in the import settings. I have not figured out the cause for this but hopefully it'll be fixed in a future update.
    -Bones that are added later during animations are perpetually disabled.
    -The only supported curve types are smooth ones.
    Warning: Only the basic features of Spriter are implemented. And most certainly none of the Pro features. That said, if you feel you're a pretty good coder, feel free to take a shot at implementing it yourself.
    Warning: The tool as it is is very new. If you run into any unexpected behaviour, please tell me and I'll see if I can work out a fix.
    -AnimationEvents are now preserved between reimports
    -SpriteSwapper renamed to TextureController to avoid confusion
    -Fixed a z-position issue with the SortingOrderUpdater
    v1.0.3: Fixes: -Fixed an issue where flipped (negative-scaled) bones caused child sprites to appear out of place and in odd angles Features: -Added a toggle to the Entity Renderer that allows you to apply the .scml file's Z-index to the order-in-layer property of the Sprite Renderers -Removed Spriter2UnityDX components from the Add Component menu, since they are automatically added or removed v1.0.2: Fixes: -Fixed an issue where sprites appeared distorted when resizing bones -Exceptions are wrapped up nicely and no longer abort the whole process Features: -Now adds AnimationClips to existing AnimatorStates if they exist -Autosaves no longer trigger the importer v1.0.1:
    Fixes: -Fixed an issue where the Z-order would get messed up if body parts were moved during animation
    Features: -Z-order can now be mutated by the animation
    v1.0: Initial version
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    Dryynrins reacted to AstralDream in Saving project with different scale   
    I need someone with pro version of spriter to save my project with diffrent scale,
    0.4, 0.6 and 0.8.
    Its an animation from Don't Starve game, I'm making mods for that game, but this mod needs resized animations, and that can't be scaled by game, cause then it scales all special effects on it to and it looks very bad.
    Contact me on steam if you want to help me out with this:
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    Dryynrins reacted to Sprite in When dragging file into Construct it doesn't import the individual sprites   
    I have a problem when importing the scml or scon file into Construct 2.
    It doesn't import the individual sprites/images, only the gray block with a number "1" appears. 
    The sprites show up in Spriter (I'm not getting any "missing-image" pictures). 
    The SCML and SCON file have the same name and are in the same directory as the folders of all the body-parts. 
    Can someone help me with this problem? 
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    Dryynrins reacted to lucid in Which platforms would you like Spriter support on?   
    We're determined to get this on EVERY major game engine, as well as APIs for easy integration into custom engines built from scratch if there is a demand for it. We will do some ourselves, and some will be outsourced, and free support will be given to anyone who wants to add Spriter animation to any engine. To this end, developer support will be given through this forum, and in the future we will release documentation so anyone can get started on their own. Now that free beta is complete, and we have moved to a super easy to parse XML based format, Spriter will be much more attractive to third party developers, so we expect to see the format expand rapidly.
    This list may not determine the exact order we pursue a given platform, but we're interested in knowing how much interest there is for the various platforms, and we can use this information to inform potential third party developers of the audience. Please take a moment to let us know which platform you're most looking forward to.
    You can choose up to three options, but please only select those which you think you will actually be using to load your characters. The Construct Classic plugin is feature complete, and the beta version of this plugin will be released shortly after the new beta version of Spriter itself)
    The following is a list of all platforms where loading and animation playback of the current beta format has been accomplished during this kickstarter. While these implementations will need to be updated before 1.0, it should inspire confidence that your chosen format will be supported:

    [*:znscphjp]Cocos2d(by @TacoGraveyard)
    [*:znscphjp]GameMaker(by icuurd12b42) http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=537492
    [*:znscphjp]Flashpunk(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/PunkSpriter.swf
    [*:znscphjp]Flixel(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/FlxSpriter.swf
    [*:znscphjp]Starling(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/StarlingSpriter.html
    [*:znscphjp]AS3(by @abeltoy) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/BitmapSpriter.swf
    [*:znscphjp]XNA(by Mark Schmelzenbach) http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter/SpriterBetaXNA.zip
    [*:znscphjp]JBlocks(by Zeroluck)
    [*:znscphjp]Libgdx (by Christian Finckler) http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/view ... =17&t=3863
    [*:znscphjp]Love2D(by @mariocaprino)
    [*:znscphjp]Torque2D(by @FractalOutlook)
    [*:znscphjp]SFML(by mr.wonko) https://github.com/mrwonko/SFMLSpriter/downloads
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    Dryynrins reacted to Gus in Which platforms would you like Spriter support on?   
    Unreal Engine 4
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    Dryynrins reacted to Kandles in Chars made in Spriter   
    Here's some things I've made with Spriter:
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    Dryynrins reacted to sebby300 in Spriter exported animations are squished   
    Hi! I'm very new to this program and I'm just trying out the trial version. However, already I'm running into a problem.
    You see I use very small nes/snes style sprites, and when I export an animation to a sprite strip, the images become slightly distorted. I was wondering if there is a fix for this or if anyone knew why this was happening. I've tried exporting at 100% scale, 200%, 400%, and 800%, and I've tried shrinking down the larger scales in photoshop after exporting them, but none of these methods have really helped at all, I still end up with some sprite distortion with the finished product.
    Here is what the sprites should look like:

    however, as you can see here, the head being a good example, the sprites get squished when I export the animation

    Any help would be appreciated,
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    Dryynrins reacted to Celestient in Aligning individual animations in Construct 2   
    I'm in a bit of a conundrum and I'm not sure whether its a problem I should solve in Construct 2, Spriter, or is a result of my own incompetence. 

    I have a few animations i'm trying to put in a game that have the character move around a lot. the thing is it always begins relative to the position of the player controlled object.
    For example if an animation moves the player like this: (X = original position, O = final position)

    and the next animation has the player move like this:
    I want it to move like this


    Instead it moves like this


    Does anyone here know how to solve this problem or will i have to adjust all the animations like this manually?
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    Dryynrins reacted to asahi in Need help on bone twisted issue.   
        Recently I have tried to integrate Spriter to my game by rendering it by myself. Before doing anything further I tried to render all the bone correctly.   Here is the Grey Guy's bone looks like in Spriter: But what I got in my game is something like:   There is a serious twist in the result I got, and I am not sure what goes wrong, seem it is related to non-uniform scale we have in greyguy skeleton.     What I have done basically can be break done into following step: Get the Matrix of each bone by reading scml data. following code is related to bone matrix calculation. void Transform::ToMatrix( glm::mat4& mat ) const{     glm::mat4 scale(1.0f);     scale = glm::scale(scale, m_scale);     glm::mat4 rot = glm::toMat4(m_rot);     glm::mat4 trans = glm::translate(glm::mat4(1.0f), m_trans);     Matrix::Multiply(scale, rot, mat);     Matrix::Multiply(mat, trans, mat);}void Matrix::Multiply( const glm::mat4& mat1, const glm::mat4& mat2, glm::mat4& output ){     output = mat2 * mat1;} Get the bone join coordinate by I am just doing (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0) * localMat * ParentMat1 * ..... ParentMatN   Can you guys give me some lead about how could I fix this issue?  
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    Dryynrins reacted to blastar in bug will crash spriter   
    i'm new to spriter but within a few minutes i found one (or two) bugs:
    1. add an image and set x-scale (or y-scale) to 0.0 -> resize this image sets imageposition to 680000,00000/680000,00000 -> you can not move or resize this image only delete
    2. add an image and set x-scale (or y-scale) to 0.0 -> try to rotate this image -> spriter will crash
    i use spriter R2 @ win7 x64
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    Dryynrins reacted to lucid in Spriter R3 Bug Thread   
    Please post bug and crash reports for Spriter R3 here.
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    Dryynrins reacted to WillianElmyr in Steam Key?   
    Seeing that Spriter is on steam now, i'd like to know if there's any way to get a steam key for it. I've been using spriter for a few months already and i have to say that i love it, but with it on steam i could track of how much time i've been using daily and that would be nice to know.
    That's pretty much the only reason
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    Dryynrins reacted to Sensuko in unable to swap with new sprites folders   
    I am sorry to bother with this problem, I am using Spriter for a project i began since Beta. And i have a problem now when i try swap sprites holding right click on sprites.
    It work correctly with previous sprites'folders i created but with new folder i just can't do it. Just as Spriter don't recognise the sprites organisation in the new folder.
    The folder appears in the palette with all sprites in it, but still unable to swap.
    Im not on the pro version yet of the soft.
    I would appreciate if i can have a solution with this problem.
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    Dryynrins reacted to ruberboy in distorting sprites the easy way   
    This is a tutorial I made That I think could be a good idea.
    Its for making sprites in a 3/4 view which can be VERY difficult without a 3d model, so we use an easy way with the scaling tool. You can disable interpolation in the tool (in gimp) for less blurring results. If you use other program there should be an option similar.
    This method is very old and was used in pixelart for making things like coins or the rings in sonic spinning (or similar method).
    1-First take the sprite or part you want to make 3/4 view and have it on a layer. (draw it, paste it, whatever).
    2-Make 2 Duplicates.
    3-Divide the 1 duplicate by middle by deleting it with the square selection tool(natural middle in this case about the navel).
    4-Do the same for the other duplicate.

    5- Now use the scaling tool on one half of the duplicate , in this case the one which is farther to us, and tweak it to make it narrower.
    6- Do the same to the other part, but have in mind to leave one part smaller as to emulate perspective. Tweak everything By hand, I recommend 1px round brush. This is the final result after tweaking.

    Sorry about the crappy presentation I almost messed up last image, but you get the idea. Using a 3d modelling program and drawing over is tedious, and using the perspective tool can get messy. This way is easier... Now the most important is tweaking and leaving as you like and make last corrections at the end.
    Hope you find it useful, I think you can do the same thing with vectors if you use flash (Im not sure).
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    Dryynrins reacted to Jonjon in Photoshop/Paint/Corel advice to make sword slashes and fireballs   
    I'm trying to make sprite sheets that have effects like this http://vxresource.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/slash_effect_002.png

    And http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/346/b/8/megaman_x_hadouken__remake__by_dragonfaku-d5ntxg0.gif

    Just simple tips/youtube videos for making them in photoshop. The energy glow/windy distorting effects (like in the spriter effects pack) are both what I'm looking to create.

    Also do you have tips for editting Spriter sprite sheets in photoshop, and making sure that when I save them, I don't get problems with transparency? Like if I decide to have a sprite sheet of the guy punching, and I add some blur or whatever to each frame of the punch, then save it, and I see black/gray/white stuff where it should just be clear... how do I prevent that?

    I used to get that problem a lot when I'd edit sprites in Little Fighter 2, trying to add energy beams and crap like that and then when I play the game, there's blackness around the energy beam >=[.
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    Dryynrins reacted to ffman22 in Metroidvania game pixel art style.   
    Dev Log 16
    new stamina system test, Dark souls style.

    faster link:
    Dev Log 17
    main char animations updates.

    checking more in:
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