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  1. Hello all, I have been doing non-animation related art of late and coming back to it in the new year I saw that they updated Spriter. Awesome! The problem is the link that spriter gives me, with the updated website, no longer functions, so I can't update it. Does someone have the new link, or another way for me to update it? Thanks if you can!
  2. Thank you. RAM was the major concern. should each Entity be on a separate layout sheet or should I put all spriter files on separate sheets?
  3. My question is simple this time. Is it better to combine all the animations in the game ever into one construct file, or make each entity that i create that is dissimilar (example: All humans in one animation and all monsters in the other) its own construct file?
  4. Oh, never mind, i seem to have found a solution to the problem. Shifting the position of the main sprite at the end of every animation to the body hitbox works.
  5. All of my basic animations work like those you've mentioned. However, these specific animations are much more elaborate, which is why i tried to make them in spriter and translate them into construct 2. An example of what I mean: If it is the case that I have to go back and animate/edit these individual animations separately (for example in the case of the above animation, separating the sword from the rest of the animation in order to control its movement separate from the main body) then I will do so. I was just not sure which part I was getting incorrect.
  6. I do have the rectangular C2 sprite with the spriter object pinned to it. I just want the spriter object to be oriented at the end position so the new animation can start from there and not from the starting position.
  7. I'm in a bit of a conundrum and I'm not sure whether its a problem I should solve in Construct 2, Spriter, or is a result of my own incompetence. I have a few animations i'm trying to put in a game that have the character move around a lot. the thing is it always begins relative to the position of the player controlled object. For example if an animation moves the player like this: (X = original position, O = final position) X-------------------------------O and the next animation has the player move like this: O--------X I want it to move like this
  8. Hey all, I figured out how to get hitboxes to work, the question is simply whether the hitboxes register in Construct 2 (as far as my research goes they dont register in Unity.)
  9. yeah i noticed that almost immediately afterwards and facepalmed. the second issue still persists though, and it seems to be dealing with bones and heirarchy causing thing to go all over the place. the only way i could make it work without problems was to make the item of contention no longer attached to a bone so i could use the Z order thing. i would like to know for future reference how to solve that issue in particular.
  10. Hello all, I've been animating in Spriter Pro and so far its gone really well. However, I've come across a part of my animation process that seems inefficient, and I'm wondering If I can have some help with that. The way I'm working, I basically do the following: Create first frame. Create set of frames till the end, concentrating on one aspect of animation (example, in a run animation I focus on the legs first to get them right, then the clothing around the legs, and so on) Continue until the full animation is complete, then make adjustments.The problem with this is as follows If I intro
  11. Wow, this is amazing! I really would like to know how you managed to get your animations so smooth. I've been playing around with the system, and while it works, its not nearly as good as this.
  12. Sorry about the lack of clarity, by 'fading across' i mean in that one part of an image turns invisible before another. Perhaps a better term is gradient fade? I'm honestly unsure of the exact terminology... the reason i ask is because if it were possible i'd prefer to use that than the previous method of fading in and out.
  13. Hello all, new spriter user here. I'm starting on my first animations and there's something I've been wondering. I may have missed this in one of the brashmonkey videos but I'll ask anyway: is there a way of transitioning between sprites? I'll give an example of what I'm talking about - Say I have a character whose hands I want to change color at certain intervals. Is there a way that I could 'fade-in' the new color while I 'fade-out' the old color? obviously it would require some experimentation to result in a smooth transition, I just want to know if it is possible or a planned feature.
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