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  1. Hello, I've been enjoying the software. There's a simple problem I'm probably just missing. I added an object to my project, and then deleted it from all frames (Shift+Delete) and the object is completely out of the "Hierarchy" and "Z-Order" tabs, but when I try to export a spritesheet with: "Generate spritesheets for project images" the deleted objects are still on the exported spritesheet. How do I get rid of an object completely so when I export it, it isn't in the exported spritesheet? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a new user, I just bought Spriter Pro. I bought it to make originals animated emoticons for my twitch channel. I encounter a problem : It seems impossible to set the GIF speed correctly. I have to choose either Images, Interval or FPS and they are all 3 awkwardly linked. So this is impossible to choose the right speed for the GIF without loosing informations (frames). I don't find a way to upload the screen capture of the settings, so here are the details : What I created : a 50 Frames animation (256x256 pixel). What I do : File>Export animation as GIF : images=50, interval=1ms, fps=1000. There is no way to change these settings without loosing frames. What I get : a 5 seconds GIF ! (far away from the indicated 1000 fps) How I fix it : I use an external tool (ezgif.com) to correct the intervals to 20ms (and then get a 1 second/50FPS gif). What I suspect : Spriter Pro set intervals to 100ms whatever are the settings. Could you please let the interval be set without being changed by other values ? I'm sad I have to use an external tool just because of that. Thank you every one. And thanks for your great job. Pif.
  3. Hi All, I'm getting some flashing whenever I export to GIF (attached), I couldn't find anything about this on the forum, any ideas? Mac 10.14.6 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Radeon Pro 560 4 GB Thanks, Storm
  4. I have made several animations on the free Spriter Essentials Edition program on Mac without using bones and exported them as gifs without a problem; but recently I made a character using bones, animated it, and tried to export it. this time, instead of working, it took a particularly long time to load to 100 percent; and when it finally did, it just stopped doing anything and I had to force quit the application. I made two animations with the puppet and tried to export both multiple times, sometimes it would show up in Finder after force quitting, but the playback would be choppy as heck. what should I do? UPDATE: I made a new puppet without bones, animated it, and had the same issue. I read that if there are items in the folder used, that are not jpgs, pngs, etc. that could be it, but there are only pngs and of course scmls. not sure what to do UPDATE 2: I got the new puppet I mentioned in the first update to export without force-quitting; but like the others I'm having trouble with, it is 70-120 MB (the ones from before I had any problems were averaging at 5 MB each) and will not play back properly
  5. Hi, I'm afraid I just found a little bug, while exporting an animation, my mouse was on a bone and accidentally it appeared in some frames of my animation.
  6. I'm having an issue where I am exporting an animation as an animated gif, but when I load it into after effects 2017 the background is white instead of transparent. The check box in the export settings for including the background color is not checked. Am I missing a vital step?
  7. I am mostly interested in exporting for use in Unreal, and then how to use them in Unreal. Anyone got any good resources on that? I'm having a hard time finding the proper resources to do it properly or most efficiently. Does anyone use this for Unreal? Or, worse case scenario, what's the best way for exporting these to Unity, and using them in Unity?
  8. Hi, We have this problem that when exporting one character animation to sprite sheet the tiles are too close together that Unity can't recognize each tile, the other characters export ok. Is there a way to assign a little space between each sprite tile when exporting? Thanks.
  9. Hi all, I'm having the following problem can't solve... The artist made 3 animations for a character, Walking, Idle, and Picking (picks coins from the ground). The problem is that when exporting those 3 different animations to png I found that the whole character on the Picking animation is of different size than in the other 2 animations. I see it when I import it into Unity and drag it to the Scene. When I export I don't change any settings and the width and height are at 100% and in the animation timelines they all look the same size... what could I be screwing up? thanks
  10. I have made a number of gifs on Spriter - but now when I try to export nothing is saved for image files - and it crashes every time I try to create a gif. As far as I know the settings are the same - I don't understand why - and I am getting pretty frustrated. I did try to upload a new version - not sure if that made this happen. Thanks for helping me.
  11. No matter how I export the included project all animations are missing the bottom row of pixels, except for the shimy animation. I use default export setting. I tried adjusting the positions in the editor. Feel free to add sarcasm if I am missing something stupid simple. LaLa.zip
  12. Hello,i'm new to this forum but i subscribed because i have a big problem and i really don't know how to resolve it, I Was using spriter 11,and i finished to create all my animations but when i exported the images i saw a really strange thing infact the stand animation (that has 1 frame) was good,but the walking animation after the exporting process was a sort of resized, i don't know how to explain but the head is strangely stretched and the result is very ugly, what i can do?I tried older version of spriter but i always have the same problem. I will attach an image so u can better understand the weird problem :
  13. How to export GIF to specific resolution?
  14. https://alteaclaverasds.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/maya-walk-cycles/ I followed the walk cycle on that link above. The animation I made went smooth but when exporting, anything in the GIF doesn't move. Maybe there is wrong with the settings, I don't know how to set it up I'm still a newbie, I'm 13 years old Also, the animation only looks great at 2% Play Speed
  15. Hi guys, I'm trying to export a project from construct 2 by using nw.js. but their is a problem that I found is that when I launch the nw.js application that has been created after exporting, nothing is launched. so I've delete every scml from my project and i've exported again and that works. this problem with spriter plugin it's only apears after exporting. Because on the preview on construct2, I can launch my project on chrome, firefox, nw.js preview, etc... that works. I'have the last version of the plugin that has been released on december.
  16. I am export frames to png. The problem I have is the already existing frames ( run, walk, jump, etc.. ) have the character starting at 125,130 in the png that is 533x460 pixels. I created the character skipping and I now want to export to 20 PNG files. Using the export animation to PNG. How can I set the offset to be 125,130 so the png's are centered to match the existing frames
  17. Hello, When I export my pixel art to a gif the quality of the file downgrades horribly, and the lines come out jagged and looking funny. I tried exporting as a sprite sheet and am having the same issue. I have both modes turned off. Is this a problem with working in pixel art in general, which means I'll have to edit each frame by hand?
  18. Hi Iam using Spriter latest essentials edition and i have made 3 animation for my character ,now when i export them(to png or sprite sheet) 2 of them (walk-idle) size is okay and similar to each other but the third's size (Attack) change even they all are the same part with the same size in the program, the only difference in third animation that i use additional sprite to make the attack slash effect. why this happen and how can i fix it ?
  19. I absolutely loved how simple and easy spriter was to start up and get rigging. 1 little point that's annoying is the hierarchy tree re-loads on every action, very annoying trying to add bones then having to scroll down to the bottom of a long list to assigning them all, each time scrolling. However i have a major issue that is preventing me from buying the full version, spriter just removed some of my images from a saved file, they are technically still there i can see them in the hierarchy view, but the bones and sprites don't display. It also didn't export them when i put them into unity so i lost a days work. Blender is a pain in the proverbial, but i need something that's robust, is this a problem that happens alot? is there a workaround? Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hi, In my pipeline, I need to export seperate frames on each animation by itself (so not a sprite sheet, but an image sequence for every animation) so I can generate normal maps for them on Sprite Illuminator, then pack using Texture Packer. An organized folder structure is essential to avoid messing things up. What I need is a checkbox on Export dialog (when using "seperate numbered image files") to create folders for each animation (named by animation itself) and export their frames into the necessary folder.
  21. so far using this software, I've no problem about export sprite sheet. But for Reaper enemy in attack animation, every time I export sprite sheet the result is like in the picture (0 bytes and nothing come up) and I can't apply to any software. Other Reaper's animation is fine, only attack animation is the problem. Are you guys knows anyway to fix it? Thank
  22. I have tried everything that I can think of, and read everything I can find online about the problem, but I can't get the export to do anything. It doesn't crash the app, but the file is not created anywhere. I have resized my project down, so it can't be a file size issue. My project contains only 9 images, all of which are less than 5KB in size and around 100px/100px in size, so there shouldn't be any issue with the memory or system being insufficient (Win7, i5-3570K, 16GB Ram, GTX 970 video card). I'm very frustrated with this, as the application gives NO INDICATION that there was a problem encountered. ARE THERE ANY LOG FILES SOMEWHERE THAT WOULD GIVE SOME GUIDANCE? It just doesn't export the image(s) at all. I have attached my export settings dialog settings for your review. Please give me some help to resolve this issue. I really like the software, but if it won't reliably export, then that makes it useless to me and I'm going to have to go a different direction entirely (and ask for a refund). Thank you.
  23. Hi everyone, My friend has just offer to me Spriter and I tried a quick little thing to try the export... And... I have a problem with the Export. When I try to export in GIF, Spriter crash. - I've already try to reinstall it with the version on the website (because I had a "old" demo, I was thinking that the bug was from that). - I'm on windows 64bits and have download the correct version of them. - The picture I try to export is only 237x230pixels. - Here is a screenshot of the problem : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/44/1445959191-problem.png (The screenshot is 1266*725px, so I think he is too large for the forum) Thanks by advance and sorry for my english. ^^'
  24. Hello! I am trying to make a game with spriter sprites. :-P Basically, my problem is I just want to add separated parts of images as a resource and move it around with joint codes; For that, I need spriter to export all these separated images' origin(pivot x, y) and it's x, y, and direction in every frame separately(including key frames (like the "images" section in png/gif export)) to a nice (*.txt) file. So now, their is my question : does Spriter supports this feature? I think it should, pretty much because it says Spriter is a game animation solution or something. :-|
  25. I whenever I try to export my animation in GIF format, I get a runtime error. In a previous topic, the issue was raised again and the topic starter was sugested to disable OpenGL. I did so but the issue remains. Any advice? Thank you in advance.
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