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  1. I'm actually working on a project I would like to get a better quality graphic. so I decided to update my files an I change the head of my animation, I rised the dpi image resolution from 90 to 300. now with the project, the new image head is of course, inapropriate proportion and he is away from the body. So my question is, their is any trick for not doing again all the animation. Just changing the quality of graphic by increasing more dpi on the image.
  2. thanks for repply guys. I thought I had the last version of the plugin but not... so that's working ! thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I'm trying to export a project from construct 2 by using nw.js. but their is a problem that I found is that when I launch the nw.js application that has been created after exporting, nothing is launched. so I've delete every scml from my project and i've exported again and that works. this problem with spriter plugin it's only apears after exporting. Because on the preview on construct2, I can launch my project on chrome, firefox, nw.js preview, etc... that works. I'have the last version of the plugin that has been released on december.
  4. if that was possible, my work would be so fast
  5. I've updated with new scml folder plugin. resolved, thanks you Mike
  6. Hi I have some problem when I make a preview with my project an error message appears : I don't know how to fix it...I recently made a reformat of my computer. I have windows 10 64 bits professionel and 2013 visual c++ both 64 and 32 bits. I've put scml plugin folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Construct2\Construct2-Win32\exporters\html5\plugins and in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Construct2\Construct2-Win64\exporters\html5\plugins
  7. " if its clicked=set its character map " Of course I do but this event doesn't work I think I didn't explain clearly. I have 10 ennemy that appears. I have a mouse and when I click on one of this ennemy, I want him his head explode => that's the character map, and those that or not clicked, I want them with their whole head but with what I 've tried, when I click on ennemy, nobody have their head explode or every 10 objets have their head explode What you have to know is that each 10 objets are created from one scml.
  8. I think I have to understand the difference between the object's familly and the object as an scml.
  9. hi, here is another try that doesn't work, I just have an instance variable in noeliste scml => OwnerUID = 0
  10. hi, I'm working on a shooter game in construct 2 and I have some problem with character map that I don't understand how it works. as you can see on the screen, when I click on the ennemy , I want them their faces explode by changing the character map which will change the head of the ennemy that'I ve clicked on. but here is the problem, construct 2 change the head of all instance that has been created when I click over one instance of EnnemyFamilly. how can a fix that? thank you
  11. okay actually the problem was that I have to close my spriter project and then drag it to construct 2 to get it updated. Orthewise, when the spriter project is open and when I make modification without close it, (I save of course) and drag it, the update doesn't work.
  12. Well now it's working. I don't know what kind of magic u used to my computer mike but yeah now it works. I do the same things that what I was doing before. anyway, thank you!
  13. of corse I re-saved in both scml and scon many times, I already cheked the folder
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