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  1. Hi all, I'm having the following problem can't solve... The artist made 3 animations for a character, Walking, Idle, and Picking (picks coins from the ground). The problem is that when exporting those 3 different animations to png I found that the whole character on the Picking animation is of different size than in the other 2 animations. I see it when I import it into Unity and drag it to the Scene. When I export I don't change any settings and the width and height are at 100% and in the animation timelines they all look the same size... what could I be screwing up? thanks
  2. Hi, We have this problem that when exporting one character animation to sprite sheet the tiles are too close together that Unity can't recognize each tile, the other characters export ok. Is there a way to assign a little space between each sprite tile when exporting? Thanks.
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