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  1. I remember, back in the days, when I pre-ordered Spriter 2. I was young, beautiful an full of hopes. Now, I just hope that the developpers are fine and healthy.
  2. OK. 5 months later, I guess I won't have any more reaction :'(
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a new user, I just bought Spriter Pro. I bought it to make originals animated emoticons for my twitch channel. I encounter a problem : It seems impossible to set the GIF speed correctly. I have to choose either Images, Interval or FPS and they are all 3 awkwardly linked. So this is impossible to choose the right speed for the GIF without loosing informations (frames). I don't find a way to upload the screen capture of the settings, so here are the details : What I created : a 50 Frames animation (256x256 pixel). What I do : File>Export animation as GIF : images=50, interval=1ms, fps=1000. There is no way to change these settings without loosing frames. What I get : a 5 seconds GIF ! (far away from the indicated 1000 fps) How I fix it : I use an external tool (ezgif.com) to correct the intervals to 20ms (and then get a 1 second/50FPS gif). What I suspect : Spriter Pro set intervals to 100ms whatever are the settings. Could you please let the interval be set without being changed by other values ? I'm sad I have to use an external tool just because of that. Thank you every one. And thanks for your great job. Pif.
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