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  1. yes, I wasn't aware but I have fixed it now and that explains a lot. After reducing pixel dimensions it exported with a smooth playback and I think i'm back in business, thank you so much!!
  2. thanks!!! I think the image size is probably it, I can't believe that didn't occur to me. I looked and my other animations used sizes ranging 10-50 KB whereas these images are about 1-5 MB. ill try with lower quality images. if that doesn't work I will zip and send your way. thank you!
  3. I have made several animations on the free Spriter Essentials Edition program on Mac without using bones and exported them as gifs without a problem; but recently I made a character using bones, animated it, and tried to export it. this time, instead of working, it took a particularly long time to load to 100 percent; and when it finally did, it just stopped doing anything and I had to force quit the application. I made two animations with the puppet and tried to export both multiple times, sometimes it would show up in Finder after force quitting, but the playback would be choppy as heck. what should I do? UPDATE: I made a new puppet without bones, animated it, and had the same issue. I read that if there are items in the folder used, that are not jpgs, pngs, etc. that could be it, but there are only pngs and of course scmls. not sure what to do UPDATE 2: I got the new puppet I mentioned in the first update to export without force-quitting; but like the others I'm having trouble with, it is 70-120 MB (the ones from before I had any problems were averaging at 5 MB each) and will not play back properly
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