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  1. I'm having an issue where I am exporting an animation as an animated gif, but when I load it into after effects 2017 the background is white instead of transparent. The check box in the export settings for including the background color is not checked. Am I missing a vital step?
  2. Also I am trying to change the order of the hierarchy but it is only affecting one keyframe at a time. How do I make a global change in the hierarchy? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the links, it's a good starting point. I haven't been able to successfully replace the sprites of a character even making them the same exact size as the skeleton parts. When I right click and replace them they jump to other parts of the artboard
  4. I'm using one of the art packs to start playing around with animating and exporting PNG sequences, but the first thing I can't figure out (I just opened sprite and starting messing with it), is how to replace the sprite for a body part let say of the gray man demo character. Is there a quick way of doing so? That also leads me to ask what is the best way to create art like his, where he looks almost like a vector but not quite. I have Photoshop CS 2015, I'm just wondering if anyone has done a video tutorial showing sprite creation prior to bringing the sprites into Spriter so I can see the process? Know the limitations, and also the specifics on saving properties etc, Thanks! Nate
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