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  1. How to export GIF to specific resolution?
  2. How to do a looping run cycle? I tried following some poses I found on Google but the loop looks weird
  3. ok i tried again and it worked! same setting that i sent but the gif's playback is different from the playback shown on spriter... its a little slower but i got it working tho!
  4. It's not responding everytime I export the GIF. I checked the Task Manager to see if I my RAM is all used up but only 65% is being used, Spriter using 100MB to 1GB Maybe the export setting is wrong. Sorry for how dumb I am. I have 4GB of RAM edit: its also a spriter pro version im using i bought for school
  5. Thanks! I made it 1500 frames on the timeline. Smooth on 100%. I'll export later
  6. https://alteaclaverasds.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/maya-walk-cycles/ I followed the walk cycle on that link above. The animation I made went smooth but when exporting, anything in the GIF doesn't move. Maybe there is wrong with the settings, I don't know how to set it up I'm still a newbie, I'm 13 years old Also, the animation only looks great at 2% Play Speed
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