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  1. Hello Mike, The reason GMS is at least pretty well known is because of how it supports multiple plaforms I am really considering moving to Spine, since it seems to me that nothing OFFICIALLY supports spriter and that had been the case for the past couple of years. There was no new stuff in the past-2 years? (correct me there if that is not correct) Would it help if I or some other Spriter and GM user talked to Yoyogames about this? And, btw, what do you mean by other more pressing matters? I love Spriter, but many people including myself in this community uses GM and uses Spriter in GM. All of us will be more then glad to hear that you have specific plans about GMS supporting Spriter OFFICIALLY. Thanks,
  2. Hello everyone, I looked at an old thread that basically talks about the exact same thing as this one https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4043-spriter-for-game-maker-studio/#comment-12556-there, Mike replied saying Yoyogames currently is focusing on making GMS2 and so this issue has a low priority-that he will try and come back to this whenever Yoyogames is done. Well, soneone actually brought it up, to hear "use that dll someone made". There are problems with that tho; it is strictly for Windows only. Whatsoever, any people including myself expect OFFICIAL Spriter support in GMS2. Will that EVER happen? Thanks.
  3. Sorry for keep asking and asking, but I don't think xml export or json export supports spriter keyframe. What I thought of was even I make rough frames, when I save it as gif, it get's smooth... that was what I meant and xml or json export doesn't seems to support that.
  4. Thank you for a quick reply. I think /*leg.png*/ blah(x,y,angle) is enough. + Im using the essential version and I don't see xml export anywhere...
  5. Hello! I am trying to make a game with spriter sprites. :-P Basically, my problem is I just want to add separated parts of images as a resource and move it around with joint codes; For that, I need spriter to export all these separated images' origin(pivot x, y) and it's x, y, and direction in every frame separately(including key frames (like the "images" section in png/gif export)) to a nice (*.txt) file. So now, their is my question : does Spriter supports this feature? I think it should, pretty much because it says Spriter is a game animation solution or something. :-|
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