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  1. Hi ! I have a question, I need to export all my animations for Unity and the spritesheet needs to have the same size (and the character to be center in each "frame" of the spritesheet). How can I do that with the exportation ? I don't get it ! Thanks by advance
  2. Nice it works ! Thanks for you help. Yup, I think it's just a matter of habit. ^^ But here, I had to do it like that because Game Designers decided that it could be great to have some slight changes in the design of the ennemis each time the player level up x)
  3. From what I can see, I have to use the "paste to all keys", but I still have the problem. : /
  4. Hi Guys, I've got a problem : When I add a part of a monster on my already done animations, the part that I added is just visible one second and then, disappear. oO Why ? How can I prevent it ? Here, it's the four cubes which disappear. :/ Thanks by advance.
  5. Hello all ! I need a help about preparing my picture for the sprite. I know there is a video about it, I already watch it (but maybe I haven't understand all of it, i'm sorry guys). So here is my problem : Some parts of the body aren't enough big to fit in every pose. So I was asking if there is a easy way to prevent this problem. ^^ Thanks in advance !
  6. Anselm

    A gallery

    Ah ! Thanks, I'm a bit scatterbrained today, I hadn't seen that ! So, I will maybe not use deformation if their is also some problems (even if I already have a save of all my files and hardware, i will not tempt fate).
  7. Anselm

    A gallery

    Hello ! Here are my firsts animations on Spriter. This one was the very first. It's a test for a walk (I know, the head is missing). And here a little try. I would like to use deformation for the body (when he breath), but when I follow this tuto (Youtube), I haven't the option by the double click. And here are the artworks for this two characters. This is "N°8" (yes, that his name). It's one of the main character of my comicbook. And here, it's a voodoo for a platform game : And here a traditionnal animation of the first version of this voodoo wizard :
  8. If fact, the problem comes both from the file in which Spriter is install and where the project is created and exported. No files has to contain of accent (from what I can observe, I tried several options to verify from where exactly comes the bug). Even the name of the exported file mustn't contain any accent. :)
  9. Exactly. For exemple, a folder named "Gérard" will cause some bugs. I had the same problem with another hardware few months ago. :)
  10. Thanks for you answers ! :) Note : I've tried something else. The only thing that differenciate a FR computer from a EN computer is the accent that could be included in the name of the session. And indead, when I install Spriter in the file "Public", there is no problem. Maybe you could fix this on the hardware ? (I don't know if it's possible) If not, no problem, but it's too bad (I've already try to rename my computer but I think that it's impossible). So ! Problem solve ! Here is the explication in French for those who will search on the forum if they have the same problem than m
  11. Hi everyone, My friend has just offer to me Spriter and I tried a quick little thing to try the export... And... I have a problem with the Export. When I try to export in GIF, Spriter crash. - I've already try to reinstall it with the version on the website (because I had a "old" demo, I was thinking that the bug was from that). - I'm on windows 64bits and have download the correct version of them. - The picture I try to export is only 237x230pixels. - Here is a screenshot of the problem : http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/44/1445959191-problem.png (The screensho
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