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Contest Winners!!! Final Results are in!


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Hi everyone, we're pleased to announce the judges have all responded, and the winners have been selected.

First off, we'd like to thank the judges for their participation and great feedback.  We'll list all of their feedback at the bottom of this post.


And without further ado, here are the final winners (*point system explained below):    

Grand Prize ($1000) : Necro Soup    (20 points)


2nd Prize ($400) : Cartoon Bear and Baby  (15 points)


3rd Prize ($300) : Lord William GreasyWheel  (12 points)


4th Prize ($200) : Giant Slime   (8 points)


5th Prize ($100) : Dungeon Boss  (7 points)


Honorable mentions go to: Goth Giant (6 points), Angry oger wanna be awesome (6 points), and Underbite (1 point)



Prize winners, please send email mike@brashmonkey and give him your Paypal email address so he prizes can be sent.

We'll be a making a nicely presented announcement of the winners on social media in the next week or so.  We had originally planned to announce the winners this way, but since there was a delay in judging we didn't want to leave the contestants hanging any longer.

*Each judges decisions were weighed in the following way:
1 point for 5th choice
2 points for 4th choice
4 points for 3rd choice
7 points for 2nd choice
11 points for 1st choice


Here are the judges' decisions and feedback:

bfdc06688cc0cf9761175cb187fb0f5d_400x400 Nick Wozniak - Pixel Artmancer for Yacht Club Games/Shovel Knight.



1: Bear and Baby  

This boss demonstrates understanding of animation principles, is a creative design and really projects the personality of the characters with all the secondary movements. The only downside is that there are only a few animations! (also his right foot in the walk is a little wonky but that's a minor nitpick!) This Character seems to transcend the tool in a way that none of the other contestants did. 
This guy is very well rendered and cohesively executed. I like the look of the art and the timing of his movements. The Bear/Baby mainly won out over this guy because his movements are a little stiff. If I had my way with it, i would add a few different poses for the torso and hips and have a little twist as he moves. Another minor nitpick is that he comes across less as a boss and more as a main hero character or generic enemy, BUT i could definitely see myself encountering a guy like this in a professional level game. It was a hard choice! 
I like this boss a lot. All of his parts are smartly made to allow for a ton of deformation and in the simplicity of the shapes, communicates a memorable and classic design. I love the way this guy moves and is setup to deform. He's a solid addition to the group but doesn't stand out terribly. His face poses are great but i wish some of the animations showcased his expressions more. That dance is awesome.
The theme is really strong and the art does a lot of work to pull this boss together. The idea of an evil cook making an undead stew is unique and I love it. The idea flows from beginning to end and I can picture this set up working in a game of this style. The thing that detracts and prevents me from awarding a higher place is that, while a big bubble of scary soup is interesting in concept, it doesn't really follow through on what the soup could do. I would like to see the form less bound to big muscle arms and instead see something more unexpected as the battle progresses. Maybe he transforms his whole body into a weapon some how. Maybe floods the arena with slime and leaves behind bone spike hazards. Maybe the soup spawns enemy skeletal warriors by "barfing" up the various chunks of meat and skeletons that are seen floating below it's surface. The point being, while the visuals are great, the actions aren't terribly unique to a living pot of soup. With some slight adjustments I could see this boss as a stronger contender.
The Giant Slime is well rendered, and technically makes really great use of the tool even if it is slightly generic in theme. In only a few spots did it show itself as being a boned/deforming image but for the rest of it (like the bear/baby) the animations seemed to transcend the tool. That said I think that he doesn't feel too slimy in his neutral state. I want to see this guy drip and ooze but he seems to have congealed too much for that. I know constant dripping and oozing may be a difficult thing to ask but following through on all aspects of the concept is important. The main reason the necro soup won out over this guy is that Giant Slime doesn't bring much new to the table. He's very well done but more generic than the above.
Honorable Mentions: 
The Argent Knight: While not technically as impressive as the others, I like everything that's going on with this boss. He expands in the way a boss should, simple to start, then PHASE 2: Crazy spider form!!! I was genuinely surprised lol. The death was a particularly good idea. I think with some timing tweaks and maybe a few different frames for twisting the torso, and some smoother animation of his cloth, this could have been a stronger contender for top 5.
Robo Sea Dragon: While not really utilizing spriter to its full effect, this still is a complete and well thought out design. 
Spriteria: This was a cute re-imagining of the logo. Most of the fast movements were really hard to read but she has a lot of personality and i appreciate that the way she moves helps to describe it. All those facial poses too! wow, haha.



Lavato.jpg Nathan Lovato - professional game designer - author of GDquest



How the entries were judged

This is an animation contest, so I mostly looked at the animation. They were judged in 2 ways: first, I looked at your understanding of the basic principles of animation. Timing, spacing, arcs, squash and stretch, etc. then, the overall appeal: is the animation coherent? Is it original? Does it simply look and feel on point? Altogether, these criteria made me pick the entries below. There were more designs that I liked, but at the end of the day, you have to pick only 5 winners. I would still like to congratulate you all for your work, and encourage you to keep going! I do hope to play against some of these bosses someday.

1st - Lord William GeasyWheel


The animation looked quite creative. There’s some overlap in the goblin’s head, and the machine’s movement could be twitchier. But I love the originality of your animations, and they are really appealing, which is the most important part, at the end of the day!

2nd: Necro Soup


Looks lovely! The animation itself could snap more. The timing feels a bit slow at times, and a handful of arcs could be refined. But there’s anticipation, squash and stretch, moving holds…. And you have some good looking FX animations. Well done!

3rd: Cartoon bear


I like the cartoony feel of your animations. It’s bouncy, lively, and although you only made 3 simple clips, it works like a charm! You have anticipation, overlap, squash and stretch going there, a fairly good sense of timing and spacing… Good job! It was a pleasure to take a look at your animation.

4th: Goth Giant


This one shows a good understanding of gameplay animation. The legs motion sadly looks a bit too random, and sometimes the large arms work against you. It’s quite tricky to animate such a design with modular animation. But you did some good work there. 

5th: Underbite


The orange background and the lack of value contrast doesn’t bring out your animation work very well, and that’s a pity! You picked a challenging design to animate, and executed it fairly well. You could enhance the sense of weight by adding some more contrast to the animation’s timing. Considering the sound effects that you chose, I would’ve loved for the tail’s motion to be more exaggerated, and to smash the ground very hard. Maybe even to bounce ever so slightly whenever it hits the floor.



Lanisaz.jpgLouice Adler - Concept Artist - Graphic Designer - Tripwire Interactive


I personally found the following entries to be the best, ranging from 5th place to 1st:

5th - #16 Lord William GreasyWheel
I am a huge fan of good breakdowns with labelled animation sequences, and I can see this boss in a children's game. Quirky and fun with nice sound effects and motions. 
4th - #14 Angry oger wanna be awesome.
Very nice attention to detail with secondary movements and clear, visible emotion. I had hoped to see many more movements/sequences for different stages of the battle however. 
3rd - #1 Goth Giant.
Impressive amount of animation sequences and with clear direction of what each move is meant to do. It could have been condensed and labelled however for a better presentation. I love the more cartoony "swing"/movement effects when he moves really fast. Very entertaining in later scenes.

2nd - #10 Giant Slime Boss.
Very impressive animations with a dynamic, cartoony feel. Love the sense of 3D as the slime animates and it has very appealing poses with clear silhouettes and differences from one another. Labels and a few more animation sequences would have sealed the deal better.

1st - #12 Necro Soup.
Gorgeous color scheme and overall texturing, very good secondary animations and a very cool, unique concept for a boss. Good, broad use of a small amount of assets. Had hoped to see the little guy with the spoon move as well and join in on the battle at some point. Overall the project left a strong impression and a wanting to see more! I do wish it would've had labelled sequences as that last cherry on top, however.


Love all entries, so much creativity.


Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you everyone for participating!

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THANKS SO MUCH! I'll make use of all the feedbacks given by the judges! :> Nothing comes unwelcome. I'll try to improve as best as I can on my future animations and concepts.

Thanks so much everyone! And thanks Brashmonkey for the awesome contest! :))

3 hours ago, lucid said:

Prize winners, please send BrashAdmin a private message with your PayPal email address so prizes can be sent.  


Messaging Brash Admin seems to be locked though!

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36 minutes ago, Kent2D said:


Messaging Brash Admin seems to be locked though!

Try to message me here on the forums, and if you have the same issue - email us at mail@brashmonkey.com (from the same email address you used to email your contest scml files) and let us know if your paypal email is the same, or if you have a different email you use for paypal.

And congratulations! 

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Hi everyone. Sorry for some reason private messages to me are blocked. I contacted the support staff for this forum system to get this issue resolved. So, to all prize-winners instead of sending me a private message, please send me an email at mike@brashmonkey.com with your paypal email address so prizes can be given.


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Thanks a lot for this contest and congratulations to all!

Getting feedback from seasoned professionals is really thrilling for aspiring professionals like us. We’ll be sure to take their critics into account for our ongoing projects! Animating the little dude proved to be quite some fun and we’re longing for the next one already.

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Congrats to all the winners!! :)

Next time I'll put some more effort in and not decide to participate a couple hours before the deadline.

I didn't expect much but I am happy with an honorable mention! I'll take it! :) Thanks for the feedback, it is an old project. Could not enter/show my recent stuff because it's all for the game I'm developing at the moment. 

Anyhow, I'd love to take part in a contest like this again in the future :D

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