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  1. Hello, since I don't know this is bug or no, so I create new topic. Is copy animation from different entity is suppose to be allowed ? or There some steps I missed. I tried clone animation from first entity (Boy) and then I drag cloned animation to another entity then the Z-order become blank, you can select it but do nothing. The sprite is still there but if you tried to move or do anything it crash the spriter.
  2. 1 - Windows 10 and I'm using wacom intuos 2 - Yes, I was only dragging new sprite into the canvas 3 - Is not actually doubled the sprite, that was just in hierarchy display got doubled. I got the bug when creating a new project or new animation. I haven't tried switch animation what I do just simply restart the spritter and it becomes normal again. Is kinda weird after working for hours I haven't encounter with this bug.
  3. Hello, I just get these bug so many times. The bug is when i input new sprite in hierarchy sometimes become double but when I select and delete one of them all sprite is gone and that double object both get deleted. Screenshot of one example
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