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    Asuqytrau reacted to iamchairs in Mac Trouble   
    Just got Spriter Pro through steam. First problem I've noticed is that the Object Properties panel input are squashed vertically so I can't see them. I can just click on the input and edit the values but unless I remember I can't ever see them again.

    Also I just saved this file as an scml file and reopened it to see if that would fix it and when I did half of my keyframes disappeared.
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    Asuqytrau reacted to MasterZenith in Spriter.... What now, really?   
    Spriter no longer opens up a few files I have. Spriter opens up other files just fine, but the files I am trying to get to work on, Spriter executes, but immediately after the Spriter window opens up, Spriter does nothing, my CPU is racing  and the only thing I can do is clock the window to turn it white, then crash Spriter.

    Don't tell me Spriter corrupted my files, losing them forever.....

    I am tired of Spriter constantly crashing, making me lose hours of work, and now Spriter won't even open up some of my project files. 
    Anything I can do to solve this issue?
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    Asuqytrau reacted to olkina in My game doesn't run on Samsung, what can be the problem?   
    May someone here is using the spriter animations in Construct 2 for mobile app? Is there specific problem or known issues in Spriter's animations in Samsung devices?
    I'm developing a mobile game for kids. I test my game on Nexus 4, 5, and 9 devices, on HTC and on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. On the Nexuses and n the HTC my game runs well, but on the Samsung devices my game stuck - I see the loader about 3 minutes and then I get the background of the first layout with clouds (not moving) and that's all. My spriter's object are created in the first layout.
    I export my project to Cordova and then I compile it  with Phonegap or Crosswalk with the same result.
    Construct 2 release 208 (64-bit)
    Spriter release 4.1
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    Asuqytrau reacted to lucid in Art Packs now on Steam. New Price.   
    Hi Everyone,
    We're pleased to announce that our 4 fully animated Art Packs for use with Spriter are now available on Steam as of 4 pm today. June 4th EST.
    In conjunction with their Steam release we're also introducing a new, lower price point for them and all future art packs, not just on Steam, but on our own Web Store and on affiliate stores as well.
    Here are previews of all of the currently available art packs, along with their new prices:
    Game Effects Pack $12.99 Basic Platformer Pack $24.99 Adventure Platformer Pack $24.99 Run N' Gun Platformer Pack $24.99 In addition to this substantial price reduction, in celebration of their introduction, all art packs are currently on sale on Steam for 50 percent off, making this an excellent opportunity to snatch up these royalty free Spriter animations Packs for your current and future game projects at an unprecedented low price. For those who have already purchased one or more of our full Art Packs from our web store or any of our affiliates (Not Steam) BEFORE they became available on Steam, please keep an eye out in your in-box for an update email (for the Art Packs you purchased) automatically upgrading it to drastically increase your content. Here's what to expect:
    If you already purchased the Effects Pack, then you'll receive the Basic Platformer Pack for free.
    If you already purchased any one of the Platformer Packs you'll receive all other Platformer Packs for free.
    If you already purchased any of the bundles of 2 Art Packs then you'll receive all the other remaining Art Packs and the next Art Pack we release as well for free.
    If you purchased the all Art Packs bundle you'll receive all current and all future art packs we release for free. If you purchased more than one art pack, but one at a time you should qualify for numbers 3 or 4 above, then please email support@brashmonkey.com with the details of each purchase and make the subject title of the email “Art Pack bundle equivalent upgrade” (without quotes) And we'll upgrade your product description in our system and send you the additional art packs. If four days from now you still haven't received your automatic upgrade email, please contact support@brashmonkey.com with your original purchase information for your art packs or bundles and make the subject title of the email “Did not receive art packs upgrade” (without quotes) 
    In related news, we're currently working on 2 new Animated Art Packs which we plan to reveal more about within roughly a month.
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    Asuqytrau reacted to aiat_gamer in Character map, possible bug?   
    So I tried using character map for the fist time today, and this is what happened:

    and this is the original:

    For some reason the parts belonging to the upper part of the body are not placed in the correct place...
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    Asuqytrau reacted to KaMiZoTo in Switching off keyframing / relative keys   
    I was wondering if there was a way to 'switch off' the key framing in order to move the position of an objet but keep its animation relative to it.
    For example, an object doing a circle movement (position keys). If I want to change its 'global' position but keep the same movement, I have to move the object on every keys it has.
    Do I missed an option or shortcut to have the keys in relative and not in absolute?
    I'm not sure to be clear. ^^
    Thank you
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    Asuqytrau reacted to deangiberson in Spriter-scon-js   
    I'd like to share a javascript implementation of the Spriter format player, https://github.com/deangiberson/spriter-scon-js.
    It's designed to be generic but has a dependency on CraftyJS PreloadJS currently, but that's easily removed.
    The currently know problem is that it doesn't play well with negative scales. So for example the Ladder animations out of the PlatformPack don't work, everything else works great.
    For an example of how it's used look at examples/crafty/hero.js, for now that's all there is, but I'm adding more.
    lucid, maybe you could look and let me know if you see why negative scales aren't working?
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    Asuqytrau reacted to LILLO GAMES in Freelance game artists, game developers for hire - Lillogames   
    Hello, I'm Duc Nguyen,
    Together with my friend Tuan Nguyen (feyninja), we have a website called http://lillogames.net, you can found our portfolios with games and artworks there. 
    As the topic's title said, We're looking for freelance works. What we can do is:
    Creating game arts. Drawing concept arts, custom artworks. Making prototype or full games using C2. Writing game design document (in English) Editing audio files (simple works like cut, copy, fade in, fade out, reduce volume...) Skyping with you (for free   ;) ) We're accepting both small and big projects with a very reasonable price (seriously). Sadly we can't do revenue-share works for now because we're really hungry.
    If you need us, don't hesitate to send us an email at mail.lillogames(at)gmail(dot)com
    Or you can found me on Skype and Twitter using the username drafanasa or feyninja.
    *Warning: Bunchs of preview portfolios below (please see more on our site):

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    Asuqytrau reacted to Fighter620 in construct 2 blend glitch   
    So I imported the spriter files into construct 2 and started to set up my character movements and whenever I add a blend and try to move to the left or right it glitches in the top left corner and the spriter images pop up I don't know why this is happening
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    Asuqytrau reacted to dfcastelao in Problems with Wacom mouse   
    Hi guys,
    I've found some problems using a Wacom Graphire 3 mouse with Spriter Pro 4.1 (Windows version). It completely ignores left button clicks on the UI. It only happens with the Wacom mouse. Other mouses and the Wacom pen works flawlessly.
    Looking for a workaround, I've found out that this is a known issue of the Qt 4 framework (https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-6127), that Spriter uses. This bug was marked as solved for Qt 5.2, so I was wondering if there is some chance of getting Spriter updated to use Qt 5 libraries instead.
    Being Spriter a (superb) graphic tool, my bet is that there are some other Wacom users with the same problem too :wink:
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    Asuqytrau reacted to GameDev345 in action points   
    Hi so I was wondering how you can use action points inside construct 2 like the eye particle effect in construct 2 runtime features video
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    Asuqytrau reacted to eappareo in Using Spriter animations in android apps   
    Hello dear Spriter community! 
    I want to develop an android app which contains 2d character animations. Simple example: When the user starts the app, a 2d character is shown which is moving slightly. The character reacts according to user input (e.g. clicking on the character would make the character smile, physical movement of the user would be tracked and leads to a moving character). The user has to entry some information (e.g. weight and there would be a statistic). It is not really a game, but it uses game design elements. 
    I have experiences in developing android apps (I use Android Studio and Java), but I am very new to animations. That's why I would be very grateful if you could answer me the following questions: 
    Is it possible to use Spriter animations in Android Studio? Are there any APIs for Java/Android? What do I need to run Spriter animations in Java? Do you think that I should use a game engine? I am not sure if it would be too overweight. Which one would be good? Libgdx or Cocos2d or something else?  Is it correct that I can programmatically address Spriter animations when I use for example Libgdx?  I have already used the "search"-functionality of this forum. I am sorry, if my question is very basic, nevertheless I would be very grateful if anyone could give me a hint. 
    Thank you very much! 
    Best regards! 
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    Asuqytrau reacted to clover_lawn in Can only open spriter once...   
    I've been having this problem since the previous update and the current one (Spriter_r4_1). 
    I can open and work normally with it, but if I close it, or crashes, or change project, then I can't open the software again. For it to re open I have to restart the computer and I find very unpractical. 
    On Windows task manager the process appears (more than once if I try to open it multiple times) but even ending the process (or process tree) I still can't open it. 
    Am I doing something wrong? 
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    Asuqytrau reacted to ilimi in Character maps don't work in Construct 2   
    Once exported to Construct 2 character maps don't work.
    Spriter: B 8_1
    Construct 2: beta r169
    Spriter Plugin: scml-5-20-14
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    Asuqytrau reacted to Jonjon in How is the Unreal Engine 4 plugin coming along?   
    Because I'm dying for it.
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    Asuqytrau reacted to Sprite in When dragging file into Construct it doesn't import the individual sprites   
    I have a problem when importing the scml or scon file into Construct 2.
    It doesn't import the individual sprites/images, only the gray block with a number "1" appears. 
    The sprites show up in Spriter (I'm not getting any "missing-image" pictures). 
    The SCML and SCON file have the same name and are in the same directory as the folders of all the body-parts. 
    Can someone help me with this problem? 
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    Asuqytrau reacted to SymboliC in Timeline specific questions/requests...   
    Here are my questions about little details which would speed the things up maybe?
    1) While animating, I just click the keyframe and drag and drop it to another point in the timeline. Is it possible to show the timeline position dynamically while dragging the keyframe?
    2) While trying to enter a value into the "current time" panel, the numeric keypad does not work as I expect it so and I can only enter a number/value by using the numeric keys above the letters on the keyboard. Is this done on purpose to reserve those keys for something different or is this kind of a bug?...  :???:
    Thanks a lot...
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    Asuqytrau reacted to adzl in Shuff-a-ball on Google Play   
    I've just released the game Shuff-a-ball on Google Play for Android, it's an arcade pinball style game.
    The game doesn't use too much animations, but I used the coin pickups from the RunNGunPlatfortmerPack_Essentials, I changed them a little which was really easy to do.
    I also used the bonus animations when a ball hits a coin.
    here is a link to the game
    or a video of it in action

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    Asuqytrau reacted to kire256 in Flapper Force Z - An android game made with Spriter   
    Hi everyone!
    I've just published my first Android game.  I used Spriter in Corona SDK for animation in this project.  Here's a link to the game in the appstore:
    Please enjoy.  I appreciate any feedback.
    Erik Rounds
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    Asuqytrau reacted to LukeLanFaust in Spriter R4 Bug Thread   
    I downloaded the nixarn's example and I can confirm this is happening on my PC too. I'm using the current R4.1 version on windows 8.1.
    All I can assume is that it's trying to modify data that was left behind from the previous images.
    EDIT: I've narrowed it down. It only happens when there are absolutely no keyframes in the timeline. If you leave any keyframe, it will not happen. My guess is that it checks position 0 first (in an array or data structure?), but since there's no data to be parsed it'll freeze.
    Best of luck!
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    Asuqytrau reacted to weitnow in Just wantet to say thanks :D   
    Its really a great programm. I bought the pro-version as it was "early-access" and loved it since. thanks a lot, that you support linux (ubuntu) as well. i have never regret only a single dollar which i used for purchasing spriter. its really a amazing tool.....
    wish you guys the best and much success with spriter........
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    Asuqytrau reacted to eros in Spriter 64-bit for Linux Not Running   
    I've downloaded the free version of Spriter onto my Ubuntu distro, unzipped it into a local folder, but when I click the Spriter application it does not run - nothing happens, actually. I've also installed phonon via "apt-get install", by the way. 
    When attempting to run from the command line I get the following error:
    liblcms.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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    Asuqytrau reacted to lucid in Spriter R4.1 Release (4.1 update contains critical bug fix)   
    Spriter R4.1 Critical Bug Fix:
    There was a critical bug in yesterday's build of Spriter that made it so you couldn't edit default pivot points.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and here is a new version that fixes the issue.  If you use the Steam version of Spriter, it should automatically update the next time you log in.
    This version also contains a fix that may help some Steam users that were experiencing library issues on Linux.  
    Original R4 Update:
    Hi everyone,
    We're pleased to announce the release of Spriter build R4 available for download at www.brashmonkey.com and also as an automatic update on Steam.
    R4 is the first build to feature the newly updated manual which now covers all core features. R4 also features the long awaited hot-key list, which you can access by pressing Shift+Escape (or through the Help menu).
    One great new feature introduced in this new build is the ability to copy a specific individual attribute of an object (such as it's x scale, y scale, position, angle, or opacity) and automatically paste to all of its other key frames.
    This build should also fix a library issue with the 64 bit Linux version. Internal testing shows the Steam version of Spriter Pro now loads properly from Steam with Ubuntu 11.04, but so far we can only get it to run on Ubuntu 14 by launching it directly from it's Steam folder location.  It will not launch directly from Steam itself.  We will continue to look into this and thank you for your patience.
    Here is the full changelog for Spriter R4:
    Spriter Release 4
    Released 4/22/2015
    Additions and Enhancements
    Updated manual now includes all core features Added Shortcut Key Popup (available in the Help menu, and through keyboard shortcut Shift-Esc) Added the right-click menu option on the canvas to copy a single object attribute (x,y,angle,etc) to every frame (when one object is selected) Export To PNG/Gif window now remembers 'Keyframes Only' setting   
    Minor cosmetic changes Changed Export to PNG Sequence naming convention to use one underscore (myImage_000.png) instead of two (myImage__000.png), as the double underscore was causing issues on certain OS's and API's Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that made the right click image list for sprites not show up under certain circumstances Removed the 'Program Update' settings from the Steam version, as Steam handles updates and these settings had no effect. We'd also like to take this opportunity to mention some great new Spriter implementations in the works for several popular authoring systems. Here are links so you can get the specific details for each of them. (If we missed any new Spriter implementations, please let us know and we'll mention it in our next update.)
    Atomic Game Engine (Video) 
    Overlap 2d
    Clickteam Fusion  (Video) 
    We should also mention Spriter2Unity has also been updated to work with Unity 5.
    Speaking of runtimes, we'd like to humbly thank everyone again for your patience as we continue to work on the Spriter Pro reference implementation. As most of you may know, the goal is to provide a fully featured and easy to follow/port Spriter implementation, and the delay is in general because we are making sure the implementation is as flexible as possible, includes several up-coming features and improvements, and makes room for the easy addition of several planned features which will be a big part of Spriter's future. As this full and future-proof implementation develops we're very excited with what it will offer Spriter users, but it's also becoming obvious that there's a conflict between the need to make sure its done carefully and the desire to get it done quickly.
    For this reason we've decided its best for me to switch gears and make a much simpler reference implementation which perfectly supports all current features (but not the future features) so that people who need to port or finish a Spriter implementation sooner rather than later will have a concise and easy to follow example in the near future. The much more robust implementation will be the focus once the basic implementation is made available to everyone. We will deliver a detailed update regarding this 1.0 feature complete reference implementation within the next 14 days.
    Edgar at BrashMonkey
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    Asuqytrau reacted to deadhorse in Spriter essentials   
    Ive recently purchased spriter pro and noticed on your site that  it includes 260 free spriter animations but I cannot  find them.I have been looking  around the  programme but  find no animations at all.
    so I am wondering if you can point  me in the  right direction for these
    I also noticed you can get spriter essentials are these the  same   as the free spriter animations  or different  if  they are different  can you   point me in the right direction to get these as well.
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