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  1. I have started using spriter again after 6 months, but I can't get the save gif option to work. My gif saves as a black square, and when I play the gif, there is nothing shown. I've used versions 5 and 6.2 and nothing works. I know I'm missing something simple here. Any ideas to what's going on?
  2. Thank you for the answer Brash. Limitations don't bother me. Just knowing what they are, so I can work around them, is perfectly fine.
  3. I can't figure out how to have more than two bones work with an mesh object. I want to have 4 or 5 bones working with a tail object, but the mesh ability only seems to work with two bones, and won't append to any bones past the second one. Are two bones the limitation of mesh objects?
  4. And, of course, having Objects just corrupts files and they cannot be opened. Sigh....
  5. My problem is that objects tend to crash Spriter, so having animation with 20 objects is pretty impossible.
  6. I'm new to using the Deformation Mesh aspect of Spriter, and I can't seem to work around something here. It seems Deformed Objects are always layered on top of sprites, no matter their hierarchical order. Also, this seems to be the case for Deformed objects on Deformed Objects. They don't seem to layer properly. For example, I have a Deformed Head, and a Sword Sprite. The sword can never pass "on top" of the Deformed Head, always appearing behind the head as the Sword Sprite moves around. Is this just how Deform Meshing works at the moment? Is there a way to have a Deformed Object be lay
  7. That was my first sprite animated in Spriter. I wanted to challenge myself by switching images mid animation. Took me like 4 hours to get it right, lol.
  8. I like Spriter, but I'm looking for a program that has great mesh deformation aspects. Anyone have a list of cheap to expensive sprite manipulation programs that allow me to deform? I saw a few, like Spine, but are there any others not 300 bucks? Or is Spriter the best I'll get for it's price?
  9. Thank you. I've been using Spriter for about 2 and a half months now, and I just discovered the fake 3D mesh last week. The two running sprites in my first post are my first attempts at using that deformation mesh. I'm in love with the deformation mesh :)
  10. Just wanted a place to dump my Spriter works, and what better place to have them than the Spriter Forums!
  11. "I save after EVERY changed keyframe, good habit." I shouldn't have to do this. I don't for the other six art based programs I use to develop our game. "DEleting bones sounds like your workflow isnt properly planned" I don't recall saying I ever did this. I said Spriter is deleting bones, not me. When I do delete bones, that's because for some reason, Spriter likes to take some bones and just shoot them all over the place. "Spriter is still in kinda WIP state but if your workflow is strong and stable then you should not have problems.I don't." For a 60 dollar program, Spriter should be wo
  12. Okay, I'm not good at articulating my issues, but let me try. I start a new project called Troll. I set auto save to every minute. Everything is fine. At some point in the project, Spriter begins to go crazy, and while it's deleting bones, or changing animations, or whatever it feels like doing, autosave is saving all of this. So now I have two files - Troll, which is a few hours old from when I started the project, and TrollAutosave, which just saved the current state of the project with everything wrong. So, I either have to go back a few hours and redo everything, or deal with the Troll
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