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  1. I've just release an Alpha version of my new Williams Defender style game. Wool is the Fuel. I previous had another game called that written in XNA, this one is in Unity and I've used Spriter to create the animations. The backgrounds are from the recent Delta Essentials and I've used explosions from the GameEffectsPack Essentials Animations small.mp4
  2. I updated the trailer to use some logos. To do this, I used Spriter to create the animations which I then exported to single PNGs. Then in Movie maker,I added the single frames giving a cool animation at the start. For the game shots I used Open Broadcaster software to capture the game screen.
  3. I've uploaded a trailer of Shuffaball to Youtube. Here you get to see the game play and some of the moves. I've added a bit of parrallax scrolling on 3 levels to help see the table position. adzl
  4. I've upgraded the UI to use the new Unity 4.6 features including the ScrolRect to select levels. Icon based for the Settings and Info screens.
  5. I've just released the game Shuff-a-ball on Google Play for Android, it's an arcade pinball style game. The game doesn't use too much animations, but I used the coin pickups from the RunNGunPlatfortmerPack_Essentials, I changed them a little which was really easy to do. I also used the bonus animations when a ball hits a coin. here is a link to the game https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adzl.shuffaball or a video of it in action adzl
  6. Hi there, I've just written a simple Windows store game, it is touch only game and I used Spriter to do the animations. Just used the b10 version to create a gif so hopefully it works. Wool is the fuel adzl
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