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  1. I just tested it out on windows and seems to work great. The current mesh deformation feature never worked on my laptop before, but it does now!
  2. The video might not seem like much at first, but I think everyone here can agree there's a ton of effort and heavily-formatted code behind this animation. (and formatting, readability, functionality, documentation...) Awesome work so far!
  3. Good to know it works on your end. I'll probably end up doing a clean reinstall of Spriter and see if that helps, then I'll work towards messing with drivers. Thanks again, bwwd :) EDIT: I reverted my up-to-date generic Intel drivers back to the original (OEM) HP Intel drivers, but it didn't seem to change anything. I then used windows update and installed all 11 updates that were there and still got the same results. I tried disabling openGL in Spriter, but it also disables skins since it requires openGL. I also fired up Minecraft earlier to check if my openGL worked properly, and I
  4. Whoops, didn't even think of doing that! I uploaded a .zip to my Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3yr5b0DS_wxQm1ZLTNnbl9fcW8/view?usp=sharing For me, placing a mesh into the canvas is perfectly fine. It's only if you double click it that it becomes invisible, and after that it remains invisible even if you save, close Spriter, and reopen it. It also remains hidden inside the "second view". I could have just made a blank file to show the problem, but I took my Birdsong Fanart and placed a mesh at the tip of the beak. I already double clicked it, so it should already be invi
  5. It still doesn't work, but I found something interesting. In your .scml file, it was using version R2, but mine is the newest R4.1. So I went and downgraded to R2, but it won't show the images even after attempting the zoom trick. Because it was designed as a place-holder, I assume it was never meant to be stable enough to work on a wide-range of systems. It's probably just a hardware issue on my end, or my laptops opengl support isn't compatible with the current method they use to draw the images. Thanks again, bwwd :)
  6. Hmm, I tried zooming out all the way and then tried zooming all the way in, but it doesn't seem to fix itself. Whenever it goes invisible it also removes the image from both the Z-Order and Hierarchy. It also remains hidden in, or outside of skin mode. The most I can get it to show is a green grid after I press "G" (very slow). But since it was a place holder, I assume it'll act differently on different systems. I'm using a laptop with the standard "integrated Intel HD Graphics". Runs Spriter perfectly fine as long as I don't use to many IK anchors or bog it down with tons of large images.
  7. Although deformation is currently in a broken state, just seeing the proof of concept makes me excited for when it will be supported. Thanks for the release estimate, v1.0 sounds like it'll be great :D Until then, I'll keep trying to improve!
  8. It'd be nice to have separate options to allow or prevent bone movement. I know you can toggle each bone's constraint individually, but sometimes I just want to avoid accidentally moving a bone instead of rotating, scaling, etc. For example, it you wanted to rotate the upper arm, sometimes grabbing near the end would grab the base of the lower arm and cause you to move it instead. Maybe a modifier key? Blender uses keyboard shortcuts like S: scale, G:translate, R:rotate. So by having a bone already selected, you could just hold down R and click anywhere in the canvas to make that bone rotate
  9. The first character was for a project that I've put on hold. It's the first animation I had made Spriter. It took me around six hours which is a really long time. This had nothing to do with Spriter, but just my lack of experience at the time. I've managed to improve my speed since then by doing some fanart, but it could be due to the bad habits I have with over tweaking values. Even though the final animation doesn't always turn out how I liked. I know how to use IK, but I find myself setting each bone individually a lot. I'm also really glad you can tweak values by scrolling over the objec
  10. I downloaded the nixarn's example and I can confirm this is happening on my PC too. I'm using the current R4.1 version on windows 8.1. All I can assume is that it's trying to modify data that was left behind from the previous images. EDIT: I've narrowed it down. It only happens when there are absolutely no keyframes in the timeline. If you leave any keyframe, it will not happen. My guess is that it checks position 0 first (in an array or data structure?), but since there's no data to be parsed it'll freeze. Best of luck!
  11. In a game I've been working on, I figured out how to code tweening using these examples and some allow over shoot and bouncing. Maybe Spriter could have an "Advanced tweening" option in the tween editor. Example of variables you would have access to: // A value between 0-1, which would be the percentage until next keyframe value)t = time;// A value between 0-1, which would be the percentage between the current keyframe and the next.// 0 = current_value// 1 = destination_valuev = value;So the default text box would contain: // A linear movement without a curve.v = t;What the user could type i
  12. I like the new shortcuts list! Any chance it'd be possible to change keyboard shortcuts inside the list in later releases? I got really comfortable using Ctrl+Shift+Z for undo, since most of the programs I use have it set to that instead of Ctrl+Y. Or is there a configuration file I can change settings in? Another Idea I had was to add "Color Blend" to the Object Properties, that way certain effects like turning to stone, a transformation with a bright flash, or adding an outline around the character by making the images slightly larger at the lowest depth, and then setting the color to blac
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