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Spriter B5 Bug Thread


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I just downloaded Spriter B5, created a new project and then dragged an image onto the canvas. Spriter crashed. I opened Spriter again and did the same thing and it did do so again. I tried different directories and images, but the same thing happens there.

My operating system is Windows 7 x64. My colleague has the same issue (also win7 x64).

btw: for some reason, google (chrome) considers downloads from brashmonkey.com as malware.

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I've just download it (27/Aug - at night)

Still facing the same "crash on save" from B4: I open my project and immediately try to save it. It freezes and display that freeze window from Win7 telling me that it will be closed.

Switched back, again, to B3 and things are working without any problems.

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Can we still not modify pivot points in the ObjectProperties window? I cant use the pivot point during animations? Seems like a big issue?

Hi simnon, what exactly do you mean by "I cant use the pivot point during animations?". You can click and drag a sprites pivot point at any point in the timeline to change its position...what exactly do you need to do and how would you like to be able to accomplish it?

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Also temporary objects try to interpolate with original position when next frame doesn't exist.

Look at animation test_temporary in attached file after keyframe 750ms watch it move back toward original keyframe

it might also be called test_transient.

Hi again,

At least as far as I can see, theres no animation in this .scml matching either name you gave, and I don't really understand what you are describing. could you possibly make a screen-recording video showing what is happening and explain what you'd expect to be happening in its place?


Mike at BrashMonkey

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openSUSE 12.3 64 bit

Kernel 3.7.10-1.16



GF 8600 GT 325.08

gcc 4.7-7.1.1

libqt 4.8.5-321

KDE 4.10.5-4.1

When i try change default pivot point (from Step 4 Your Quickstart Manual) this dialog box closed. Sometimes immediately upon mouseover, sometimes a little later.

Under windows works ok.


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Bug report. Hey fellas. I started using spriter last week and love it, however I'm having a problem. The second character I'm animating is much like the first so I opened my first, copied the bones and cut and pasted them into my new character. When I try to save it as a new file, spriter crashes. Any ideas on what the problem might be?


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Windows 7

Spriter crashes when holding shift to constrain sprite proportions and attempting to resize sprite. Some corners don't crash Spriter but cause sprite to resize at a very large rate. My current fix is making sure I use the corner of the sprite that has the pivot point to resize, this makes resizing constrained work consistently every time.

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Character maps are very buggy.

Bake active to entity will behave really randomly and save will lose old character maps on some entity while on other entity the character maps will still exist correctly. Bake will also rename entity_002 into entity_003 thus creating 2 entity_003...

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Hi kimo,

Are you aware that character maps are per entity? Also I believe baking charactermaps into an entity removes the character map when its done baking, as it is useless and redundant after that point.

I'll test these feature more thoroughly tomorrow (it's past midnight here)... but in the meantime, can you let me know which OS you're suing Spriter on...also, any more specific details regarding the bugs, like a step by step way to reproduce them would be really helpful.

thanks very much for taking the time to report problems. We'll get to the bottom of it ASAP.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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  • 2 weeks later...

I sent the project file to mail@brashmonkey.com.

Spriter will constantly default the pivots of ALL images to 0,0, hence effectively ruining all animations.

Not all pivots are reset every time, sometimes it's just a few, other times it's them all, it seems random.

I'm going to revert to b3 and see if the defaulting still happens.

EDIT: The error is present in b3, and now I think that it's related to saving.


-Work on an animation a bit

-check pivots (everything normal)

-save (regular save)

-check pivots (everything defaulted to 0)

-reopen the same file I just saved, all pivots still have their original (good) coordinates

I have a tendency from saving every few actions, I learned that back in the day of photoshop 6 and it's tendency to crash, so I think what I have been doing is save the file, the pivots get defaulted to 0 but spriter doesn't make this apparent inmediately, work a bit more and save again and thus saving all pivots that where defaulted to 0,0.

EDIT EDIT: I'm fairly certain saving is the cause of the bug, I can consistently reproduce it, and happens almost every time I save this file. There is no specific actions I have to make, I can just open the file, save it, and the pivots will default to 0,0.

EDIT EDIT EDIT:It's the "save project as..." option that makes all pivots default to 0,0. Both save and save new version work well.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to report and hunt down the specific action causing the bug tombmonkey!

Finding the cause not only allows Edgar to fix the issue much quicker than he otherwise could, but also allows you to continue working with the current build with the ability to avoid the issue.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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