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  1. Also temporary objects try to interpolate with original position when next frame doesn't exist. Look at animation test_temporary in attached file after keyframe 750ms watch it move back toward original keyframe it might also be called test_transient. boxee.zip
  2. Can we still not modify pivot points in the ObjectProperties window? I cant use the pivot point during animations? Seems like a big issue?
  3. I didn't know that was there, while it helps it is definately needed in the properties panel for animating. Thanks
  4. Still missing the pivot points in the properties window, any chance you can put that in the next build, not being able to set anchor point to (0,1),(1,0),(0.5,0.5) exactly is a problem, setting by hand is only so accurate Glad the latest build is nearly in a stable enough state for use in production. Look forward to 1.0
  5. No still not working, tried, command, ctrl,alt, ctrl+alt, ctrl+shift, fn+ctrl,fn+command,etc... Cant get anything, would of posted it as a bug but wasn't sure if it was something on my machine.
  6. Does anyone have this working on a mac? My friends using Windows version of spriter and ctrl works, but I've tried every combination I can think of on mac and cant get it to work
  7. Dont know if anyone else posted this, but a bounding box for each animation, which is max size for all objects inside an animation. Thanks
  8. simnon

    Spriter A4 Release!

    They just posted that a new build is coming soon on the kickstarter page, likely in the next few days. Looks like a huge update, along with stability/performance impovements the UI seemed to get a bit of an overhaul too. Good work guys http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/539087245/spriter/posts/387617
  9. Thanks @TacoGraveyard for cocos2d support, was real easy to setup. I would like to see support on cocos2d and cocos2dx, or really just a generic language API like the SCMLpp one for C++
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