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  1. I'm noticing in b10 that pausing the animation will often cause the program to crash. Thanks, Morgan.
  2. @lucid - I'm still having the issues with spawning displacement and opacity changing issues. The emails I've sent have the latest capx of my game. Thanks, Morgan.
  3. I think I see what happened--was there an update that now gives entity names to the individual sprites as well?
  4. @lucid - today when I dragged my Psi character onto my spriter layout in my C2 window, it replaced all of her original sprites with new ones that use her name twice at the beginning instead of once--what this effectively did is erase any events that referred to her individual sprites. Any idea what the problem is? Thank you.
  5. @lucid - as of installing the latest C2 beta (release 129), all spawned attacks and effects are now offset. I had installed the latest scml (5/13/14) and everything was still in the right place until I installed the new C2.
  6. Looking great! Thanks for your hard work, fellas! Do you have any idea when sound will be implemented for Spriter in C2? Thanks, Morgan.
  7. PSI

    Spriter B7 Released!

    Any idea of when sound will be implemented in C2?
  8. Not sure if I'm missing something but I find with the B7 prerelease that I'm not able to change the animation names.
  9. I asked this on the C2 Spriter thread but I'll also ask here - have y'all made any progress on the post spawn flip and the IID error when spawning some objects? Does the latest scml plugin for C2 support alpha fades? Thank you!
  10. PSI

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    I tried that both ways and more and none of them kept the spawn and then flip from happening. The frequent IID error is ongoing as well. Thanks Mike, Morgan.
  11. PSI

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    I am having a couple of issues with Spriter in C2 still. I suspect the first error is in how C2 works. I may just have to make a mirrored version of the Spriter animation. Here's what it does when I'm creating this flame-thrower-like effect--first it spawns, then flips: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60595907/psiclip1.avi Here's the code I'm using: I've tried it a few different ways and they all have this same effect. The other ongoing problem I've been having is when I spawn some Spriter attacks, this error pops up: It seems that there's some sort of error in giving certain Spriter objects an IID. AMD Phenom II N970 Quad-Core Processor, 2200 Mhz AMD Radeon HD 6470M Graphics card 8 GB DDR3 RAM Windows 7
  12. PSI

    B6.1 Bug Thread

    When I select multiple objects in an animation and choose "delete from all frames," it crashes before finishing the operation, every time.
  13. Exciting stuff and agreed that C2 is an awesome game authoring tool!
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