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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to Michael Oliver in Slightly Changing My Animation and it goes crazy.   
    Wow, great service!  Thank you, Mike. 
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from zawadi in New Environment art pack and sale!   
    Hi everyone, we've just released a new art pack and for the next 6 days you can get it at 25 percent off!

    You can find it in our store here: 
    DONT FORGET to use coupon code: FRONTIERS to get your discount!
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to tommah in v. 1.1.0 update Spriter 2D: Game Maker Studio extension   
    This does work in GMStudio 2, at least the basic functions do, but you need to use "working_directory" when loading the spriter file.  I tested this and it loaded my file without issue.  I cannot vouch for all the other feature yet.

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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to Spooky Games in Condor, a mobile game about falling   
    Hi everyone,
    A quick post to keep you informed about our progress.
    First of all, Condor is now in version 1.2. It’s a light update which adds a brand new interface as well as three new stunts and a rework on difficulty, the game should be easier on the first levels. You can download the game for free here, or buy the ads-free version here.

    About our biggest project, Sacrifices is now on closed beta and should be released in July. As always you can check our progress on Twitter, Facebook or our Website. We should launch an open beta during this month.

    Feel free to ask for a beta link if you’re interested in testing Sacrifices!
    Spooky Team
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from Damoy in Can we use the provided art packs for other use ?   
    Yes, if you purchased Spriter you can use any or all of the content from the Essentials versions of the art packs for any game project of yours. What you can not do is give, sell or trade any of the art pack content to someone else for them to use in their games.

    Same for any of the full art packs if you purchased them. 
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from SkreamnRedSkull in TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)   
    Sorry for the delayed reply. White is not transparent. In nearly any program, when you're using a transparent background it will be displayed as a checkerboard pattern. It sounds like you drew directly onto a white layer and not a transparent layer. Also be sure to trim your images before saving them. You should NEVER have an image floating in the middle of a giant field of empty space, this is incredibly un-optimized for your game and for Spriter. I highly recommend you learn to use Krita from www.krita.org its a fantastic and FREE graphics program with much more professional features and much better geared for game art creation (or art creation in general)

    If you want to keep using MS Pain, then you'll have to Google "save image with transparent background in MS Paint" or something like that to learn how to do so (if it's possible. I assume so, but don't use MS Paint)
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to DesixStudios in 2D Indie Game Art & Animation (pixel, vector, painted)   
    Drone Pixel Art
    Indie game art services. Affordable, professional.
    Contact: desixstudios@outlook.com
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to DesixStudios in 2D Indie Game Art & Animation (pixel, vector, painted)   
    Pixel art character run.
    Indie game art services. Affordable, professional.
    Contact: desixstudios@outlook.com
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to DesixStudios in 2D Indie Game Art & Animation (pixel, vector, painted)   
    Beastly pixel art.
    Indie game art services. Affordable, professional.
    Contact: desixstudios@outlook.com
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to James Lynch in Looking For Spriter Coach Tutor   
    Hi, I'm building a 2d online multiplayer real-time fighting game. You can play the demo here: https://gameof.ninja 
    I have used flash, actionscript, starling, and texturepacker years ago. I've been doing nodeJS / Angular / React for the past few years, but I'm new to Phaser. I'm having trouble saving out my character animations (that I purchased) in a smaller size without losing image quality. 
    I'm looking for someone to basically be my UI / UX design and animation coach and tutor. I love the part that is straight coding. The real look of the front-end design does not come as naturally for me (hence why I'm looking for a mentor).
    I would like to video pair programming or "pair designing" sessions. It would be even better if you could meet up in the New York City / New Jersey area, but that's prob not realistic. Willing to pay $40 - $50 per hour.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to MoonStar in Tip on changing Spriters Project Path   
    When there is something that Spriter users know than it is that once the project path is set it cannot be changed anymore or the project images get lost. 
    Well.. Here is a small guide how it can be actually changed.
    What do you need?
    Notepad++ Actually it is not a need but it's just easier to work with.
    Now let's assume your Spriter File (SCML) is inside the folder where all your sprites are located.

    In the above example my SCML file is called "Juggernaut". Now let's put it one folder higher in the file hierarchy.

    What I did is to cut out the "Juggernaut " SCML from the "Body Parts" Folder and placed it to the parent folder.
    If you open the scml file now.  After getting a pop-up dialog that notifies you about missing sprites the following thing will happen:

    That happens because Spriter is still searching for the images in the old folder but since the file has moved the path has to be changed as well. Here is the trick

    Right Click on the SCML file Choose "open with" and then your favorite editor. In my case Notepad++ Then you will see a syntax similar to xml.  Simply add a name attribute to the folder tag Give it the path to the folder your sprites are located e.g name="Body Parts" Search and replace all FILE NAME ATTRIBUTES with the path to the sprites e.g name="Body Parts/Head.png" (in the image above I had to continue it with file id = 7) Save and open Spriter the normal way Enjoy  

    No more missing Sprites ;D
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from GeminiEngine in Export inaccurate sprite sheets   
    Having the uncropped images can cause performance problems in Spriter, which will be more noticeable the more images you use per project and per animation.

    If you only plan to export your finished animations as GIF or sequential images (full frame images) then trimming is not necessary as you seem to have guessed.

    Going back to the original topic, you have the export set to use "animation preset" under "source rectangle". When you set the reset cropping for the animation, were you careful to make sure there was room at the bottom so the feet would not get slightly cropped off?
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from GeminiEngine in Export inaccurate sprite sheets   
    Welcome GeminiEngine,
    Please post a screen shot or video recording showing the export settings, even if you've not changed anything. This will help us figure out the cause of the problem faster.
    In the meantime, you should always trim your images before using them in Spriter. You're wasting a massive amount of memory and drawing time with all that empty space in all your images.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to bwwd in Great algorithm for rotating pixel art & sprites   
    I would like to ask when its going to be available in spriter, i made some animations with pixel art bodyparts and some came out ok , it doesnt look that bad when rendered with nearest neighbour but there were still some single pixels/jaggies here and there especially on the borders, im realy curious how these animations would look like when exported with new algorithm for rotating sprites.
    Im posting some rendered gifs and my spriter file if you guys would like to test it when working on this feature and maybe do comparison or something :).
    I made if from this single sprite : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Raphael-182598470
    First three are nearest neighbour , last one is smooth sampling.

    Spriter file:
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from Rachmaninow in character map for each instance on construct 2   
    No problem. Glad to help. 

    Also, regarding characters being in separate SCML files. I did not mean characters created via character maps, I meant characters who's animation data was also different.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from Spr123 in Spriter Pro: Where can I find the 260 free animations?   
    All the Essentials Art packs are your animations and images which come free with Spriter. Yes, it includes walking characters. Click "My Purchases", then "manage" near the Spriter thumbnail, then scroll down and find the links to download all the Essentials art packs.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from Spr123 in Import same assets of bigger size: Do all the work again?   
    With Spriter Pro you can create a clone of your entire project scaled up or down to any size you want (including the images in the folder)... Do this first, then replace the enlarged images with your clean vector-created ones. HOWEVER, the images will need to be the exact same size and shape as the ones you're replacing, trimmed the exact same way. 
    I'd recommend creating the large project clone, then use the enlarged images it produces as guides in your vector program to recreate clean vector versions... them export each image from the vector program with the exact scale and cropping as the guide image.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to lucid in Spriter R11 Release   
    Hello everyone.  Here's a new Spriter release with a couple of minor additions and several important bug fixes.  Enjoy!

    Download here
    Spriter Release 11
    Released 4/20/2017
    Additions and Enhancements
    Added pro feature to allow you to set background guide images per animation. It's impossible to accidentally move or edit the background images unless you enter the guide image editing mode. Guide image information is saved in a way that will be ignored by external implemenations and Spriter's own spritesheet generation. Hovering over metadata keys (variables and tags) now reveals their data Changes
    Spriter will now prevent you from attempting to export to png/gif with an invalid custom rect source or target size (previously exited the dialog without exporting) Added option to right-click to rename in the z-order and hierarchy panes Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug where moving animations from one entity to another would result in missing objects if the target entity already contained those objects Fixed a crash that would occur upon closing the edit variable dialog if a key was double clicked to open it and then that key was removed in the dialog Fixed a bug where variable keys couldn't be created in new animations created after the new variable was added Fixed a bug where if a project was loaded with an entity that contained a variable, keys for that variable couldn't be created in animations that didn't already have at least one key Fixed a bug that allowed you to drag an animation containing a sub-entity into the entity it was using as a sub-entity. This would corrupt the animation, as entities cannot be sub-entities of themselves Fixed a bug that would cause objects to incorrectly update angles on multiple keys after being drag/dropped under certain circumstances Fixed a bug where copy and pasting pivot points wouldn't work in certain situations Fixed several bugs and a crash when moving animations from one entity to another under certain conditions Spriter now attempts to automatically repair broken file associations that would cause default pivot points to reset to the top-left corner
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to maxfish in SpriterPlusPlus - a C++ Spriter implementation   
    In case somebody is still interested in an SDL2 implementation, here is my attempt at it: https://github.com/maxfish/SpriterPlusPlus_SDL2
    The most important thing still missing is a working support for sprite atlas, the rest works fine.
    I hope it might help someone.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from vubidugil in In construct 2 the animations disappear when they are close to leaving the screen   
    Hi, there's an important trick to avoid this. The Spriter plug-in in C2 uses the custom animation trimming settings from the Spriter file as the "bounding box" to decide when something should be clipped or drawn.

    I'm going to bring this post to Edgar (the creator of Spriter and this particular plug-in) so he can give you more concise information.

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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from vox in Multiple resolution support   
    Aside from that, Spriter Pro has an option to create a scaled clone of your entire Spriter Project.. in case you want your reduced scale version to not waste texture space/memory on needlessly large images.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to MoonStar in Skeleton Army Game Assets   
    2 years ago I discovered Spriter. Since then I did tons of animations and one of my favorites are the animations of my skeleton game assets.

    When you use Spriter the right way you can create animations like this
    Not all skeleton characters shown here but there are plenty more of them..
    The whole package is available here: Graphicsriver
    here GameDev Market
    and here Itch.io
    or even here Scirra Store
    I have even updated the package to version 1.1 and added a run animation + white skin for each skeleton like this

    I am still planning to add more content like a musketeer, samurai skeleton etc and also more animations but lets see how this turns out. Although people who buy are really happy sales are actually not much promising. I don't know why  
    Here a bonus:
    This was done per request. The task was to make a drunken skeleton animation.

    And when you weren't bored all the way and really reached bottom of my post you can actually DOWNLOAD A FREE SKELETON CHARACER WITH SPRITER FILE FOR FREE!
    Download Free Skeleton Character
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from Stranger Games in SpriterDotNet - An implementation for all C# frameworks   
    Very cool addition Stranger Games. Thanks so much on behalf of the Spriter community.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey reacted to Stranger Games in SpriterDotNet - An implementation for all C# frameworks   
    Visual Novel for Dialogue System for Unity is released. It is the only visual novel asset with builtin support to Spriter animation.
    Keep in mind that it requires Dialogue System for Unity to function correctly.
    I didn't have time to do it, but I will do it and do a pull request as soon as I have time. Your plugin is great, and I will be happy to contribute to it.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey got a reaction from jordy2254 in Spriter file format documentation | scml?   
    The reference is a bit incomplete with perhaps a few typographical type errors. It's a good idea to also references any of the open-source Spriter implementations and if you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to email lucid@brashmonkey.com and he will clarify as best he can.
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