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  1. ModerateEffort

    Char maps

    If I'm the only person with this problem then I guess it's nothing to worry about. Hopefully it will work itself out when I move onto another project. Regardless, I wouldn't really want you guys to take time away from Spriter 2 to fix a petty bug like this, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something that would be carried over. I had no idea I could read/edit an scml file with a text editor, that's an awesome tip! Thanks, Mike!
  2. ModerateEffort

    Char maps

    yeah I get that, that what's I was trying to show you. In order for me to make working maps, I have to replace the original images, but the folder replacement utility just doesn't work for some reason when I try to use it with the original images. From 1:18 - 1:30 you can see me trying to replace the original images using the full folder replacement feature and it just opens and closes the folder I'm right clicking. Then I switch to a skin subfolder and do the exact same thing, and it replaces all the images the way it's supposed to. The folder replacement utility function ONLY works if I try to use it on a skin subfolder, but that doesn't actually make a working map. The result is that I have to manually replace every image for every skin, which is why I'm on the forums whining about what seems to be a bug on Mac that I would very much like to be fixed D;
  3. ModerateEffort

    Char maps

    I'm not the original poster, my issue isn't with pivoting/misalignment, I'm just piggybacking on that guy's thread. In the beginning of the video I'm just demonstrating that all of the character maps that I set up manually (1 image a time) work perfect. Then I go to create a new character map, and I demonstrate that the file names and sizes are identical, but when I try to replace the entire original folder, it doesn't work, which is why I had to manually replace each of the 13 images for all 34 character maps. After showing that I can't make it work with the original file, I replace one of my character maps with another character map, and the folder replacement utility works Except it doesn't actually work, and I name the character map "fakemap" and demonstrate that it doesn't actually do anything to change the character's images because it wasn't wired up to the original file. And I'm using Xcode, so sprite sheets are not an option for me, I have to use PNG sequences. It can't be all that hard to set it up so that the batch export puts everything in separate folders for each animation of each character map, right? I can't imagine how disappointed I would be if I weren't capable of putting together a shell script to fix this problem for me. Here's that shell script, if you or anyone else was interested. Just some arrays and for loops. #! /bin/bash batchPath=/Users/moderateeffort/Desktop/Folder/Animations/Batch animationsArray=( RunAttack RunThrow Idle Attack Throw Kick Walk Run Slide Fall Hurt Knockdown ) skinsPath=/Users/moderateeffort/Desktop/Folder/Animations/480/-Skins cd $skinsPath skinsArray=$(ls) for s in ${skinsArray[*]} do for a in ${animationsArray[*]} do path=/Users/moderateeffort/Desktop/Folder/Animations/Sequences/$s/$a mkdir -p $path mv $batchPath/*$a*$s* $path done done
  4. ModerateEffort

    Char maps

    Is it just me, or is the character map folder swapping utility broken on Mac? I watched the video, read the manual, and tinkered with it for well over an hour trying to make it work to no avail. In the end I had to manually assign 13 replacement images each for 34 different character maps even though all the image names and sizes were exactly the same. I have more to do later. . . Also, I spent the better part of a day learning to write a shell script for the express purpose of putting batch exported PNG sequences into separate folders for each character and animation, because what the hell am I going to do with over 5000 animation images crammed in one place? Are these features addressed in Spriter 2?
  5. Yeah I'm a complete noob when it comes to all this, and I assumed that this had something to do with how I was exporting the pngs from Spriter. You're right, of course. The word "Resolution" was causing confusion, and the "DPI", as you called it, is apparently only relevant for printing. Now I can get to work with the peace of mind that I'm not doing anything wrong. I appreciate you taking the time to reply!
  6. I have art from a pack with vector body parts and .scml files. Here's an example of one of the body parts. The pre-made animations from the .scml files have already been previously exported as PNG sequences. Here's an example of an exported frame. I would like to be able to customize my own animations, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get my export resolution to come out to 96x96 as shown in the screenshot above. It always comes out as 72x72. I understand how to set the Animation Export Box Size, I understand how to change the output scale, and I understand how to resize the entire project. Resizing the dimensions is not the issue, the problem is the resolution: I've tried changing nothing, and I've tried changing everything. Is this because the body parts resolution is 72x72? How do I get 96x96 exports like the original animator? Does it even make a difference? Should I even care?
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