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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place to discuss this... I've tried again using Spriter 2 Alpha (first time was in April) just to see where it currently is. I'm kind of surprised by the "forced full screen - no UI approach" of it, which makes it rather counter intuitive. I understand it is still an Alpha and there is much to be done, but I just wanted to know if this new layout philosophy if replacing the "old" more traditional one. As of now, I find it a bit tedious to do stuff in it as most my clicks don't seem to do anything (lack of visual feedback, I guess...) Spriter 1 definitely has room for improvement technically speaking, so that's great that Spriter 2 will come out with all these new features. But I believe that the strength of Spriter 1 is its ease of use, right from the get go. Much more than the new features that 2 is offering, I wish I could see a more polished UI because I feel it is lacking some very basic things (select multiple animation frames at once, insert a frame or blank space in the middle of an animation, easy loop through folder images, etc). Of course, I'm still excited for Spriter 2 and I really hope that the above gets addressed in future builds (or is included in the road-map to 1.0 ) Cheers !
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if there plans for / or someone interested in making a Godot integration for Spriter? To those who do not know, Godot is an open source and totally free Engine written in C++, which support for C# and custom engine script called GDScript. I believe that it is more and more popular amongst indie game devs, and I find it is very interesting in terms of design philosophy and capabilities. I discovered it a little while ago, and I was saddened to see that there was no Spriter plugin to load animations into the engine. Indeed, I feel that Spriter is a much better tool to streamline cut-out animations than the built-in Godot 2D cut-out animation system. I am currently struggling to create a custom and very limited integration of Spriter's scon files into Godot using GDScript, but it would not be as efficient or fully-featured as the other plugins out there. Since I'm not a real developer myself, I certainly lack the technical knowledge to do a full implementation based of the open-ended C++ (SpriterPlusPlus) and C# (SpriterDotNet) plugins made by Lucid and Loodakrawa. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in adapting these plugins to Godot or at least if Godot integration could be added to the Spriter 2 roadmap? Thanks,
  3. Hi Mike,thanks for the feedback! I have folders organized as: - head - torso - arms - legs - lower_legs But each of these sub folders have dozens of body parts, with arms approximating 50 sprites! This makes switching sprites a real tedious task as i have to scroll to one side of the screen to be able to reach with the mouse the sprites far off on the opposite side. The lack of alternative way to changesprites makes it so that i have to do it that way. Keyboard shortcuts to circle through the list going left or right would be a real life changer ! Thanks Tom.
  4. Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late reply. I managed to fix the issue by editing the scml file in notepad++ (I removed the entire block related to the animation that caused the crash to occur when deleting). I lost a few hours of work but that's way better than losing the entire file. As you suggested, I now manage versions and backup data through Git, which I should have done from the start (silly me). Thanks again for the help !
  5. Hi, I encountered a really troublesome issue: i deleted an animation using the correaponding button in the uaer interface, which caused spriter to crash. now, when i try to reopen scml file with spriter it loads up until 70% or so and then crashes: impossible to reopen it... I get the same behavior with the original scml and the autosaved version (which was the most recently saved one). It seems that the crash corrupted the data specifically for this project as i have no issue opening other projects. This is a project for which the entity has over 100 animations and i would be really bumped if it was lost forever... Any idea as to what I can do? I'm thinking maybe editing directly the scml file in notepad++ but is seems really risky. Thanks
  6. Hi, I've been using Spriter on and off for a couple years now and I've really started to pick up with it a few month ago. There are a few quality-of-life improvement I wish we could get, amongst which live switching images on a Sprite: As far as I know, the only quick way to change the image of a sprite is to click and hold the right mouse button, to display a visual horizontal list of the images attached to it (linked to the folder it's from or limited to the object's images), then move the mouse cursor to the image wanted and release the mouse button. The issue I have is that the horizontal list gets out of the screen since I usually have way more images in any given folder than the 15 or so items that can be displayed on my screen. The easiest solution I see would be to have keyboard shortcuts to circle through the folder images, backward or forward on a selected sprite object. Maybe this already exists but I could not find how to do it. Spriter is a great tool, simple and efficient, and it would make using it much smoother with this little change! Thanks, Tom.
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