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  1. For further details sending in private dm
  2. Contact me. Sent a message about this 2 months ago still haven't gotten a reply so making a thread now.
  3. "This version requires a new launcher. Please download it from the original download location. Future updates to the launcher shouldn't require a new download. " Well, after trying to hunt that down finally found the old location. Downloaded the old launcher because the new one isn't in the intuitive spot it should be (first) & neither are labeled to differentiate the other. If you're not going to make a new thread with the location at least provide a link to the new launcher. Posting link in spriter 2 forum section.
  4. Anyone remember Jade Cocoon for PS1? It is the only monster breeder that would calculate values such as arm length, jaw length, eye size and other traits when mixing two monster together. As opposed to reskinning which you would see in the monster rancher franchise... and every other monster breeder. at 2:37 in the kick starter video, you see code just like this at work! Sure, it can be used for human x human. Also, beast x human. Beast x beast. Object x human. Creative freedom... Could spends weeks just sitting there playing around with that tool to see what you can create. I just wanted to give some positive feedback and let you know that is a really cool feature!
  5. 4241

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Thank you for the clarification on the all or nothing and the detailed response. Edit: I've just seen your update and looks like your on top of it but i will still spread the word. Win-Win for everyone. Will wait until your update goes through so their first impression will be the best possible.
  6. 4241

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    "In addition, there will be a new beta release in January and regular build updates from that point on." Is this new beta still on track for a release this month? Are the regular build updates for Spriter 2 conditional on other circumstantial factors, such as... if the alchemist kickstarter hits it's target or not? It's said that 50,000 would allow you guys to work full time on the project. What if you only get 30,000... 20,000... 15,000. Is the work on this project going to be part time with any amount below 50,000? or... will you use the under 50,000 funding to work fulltime on the project as long as you can?
  7. 4241

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    The anticipation has been building, looks like it was well worth the wait. Excited to try out the beta
  8. Hello. I'm wondering about the best way to approach this. Currently i have a separate layer for each body parts linework. (Thigh, shoulder, eye, eyebrow, mouth, various hair pieces etc) Each part will have an additional layer for the coloration, lighting and shading which would bring the total layers over 100+. Detailed work. While this makes it easier (when finished) to export individual parts and add them to spriter the work flow is much slower compared to the standard layering approaches such as outline only, base colors, shading, lighting, + other effects. Sure, you could chop up your drawing after doing this but then you will have to do more editing to get things to line up properly during animation. What approach do you use work intended for animation or what is the best way to approach layers with detailed work intended for spine animation?
  9. 4241

    Spriter Requests

    As long as we're making request and giving suggestions Will you consider implementing a virtual camera? for use with cartoon animations and cutscenes in gaming? Sorry i should elaborate. Lets say you have a background, your character in the scene and you want to slowly zoom in on that character while it's performing it's animations. From what i understand with Spriter you would have to enlarge both the character and scene every frame to get that effect and have it export as intended. As we know, enlarging in this way can cause some issues with consistency and brings a lot more tedious realigning into play per frame. Exports may also may not be on point for a smooth effect. What i meant by a virtual camera is. Putting an adjustable frame / box around your scene. Which can zoom in or zoom out. Move left, right, up down on your target scene. Then have it export your frames as defined within the frame / box information. While maintaining the animations you put in place.
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