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  1. Thanks Mike! And thank you to you and the team for Spriter! I've been using it for years now, It's so fast and simple to use which makes it the perfect tool for my purpose. Being able to distribute rigged puppets created in an easy to learn yet powerful and affordable piece of software which others can easily use has really allowed me to do what I do! Thank you!
  2. Hi all! I'd like to share my game asset library gamedeveloperstudio.com. It's a huge library of game assets all in one style so you can mix and match assets from across site and still maintain a sense of artistic continuity within your game project. If you've already got knowledge of Spriter you'll be glad to know that all my animated characters are created using this sofware and I supply all my assets with the working SCML file so you can tweak the characters to your hearts delight. You can see all my work on the site check it out gamedeveloperstudio.com
  3. This is great news! Thanks, I'm really looking forward to Spriter 2, I absolutely love this program it has made my life easy. Thanks so much!
  4. Hi is support for Spriter continued or isn't anybody working on it anymore?
  5. Also found another bug, Spriter crashes when resizing an image that has had it's angle modified. it's not always just sometimes , but it happens a lot and this seems to be the general pattern for the crash. change angle of sprite using bone > then rescale image using image scaling handles > spriter crash. This only happens when I use the top handle so I guess it's related (see my previous bug report).
  6. Hi I'm really having a few issues which I suppose are bugs I'll detail them below. All of these errors happen on my windows 10 machine and my windows 7 machine. 1.) The top and right handles on a selected sprites bounding box are impossible to use. Every time I try to adjust the size of a sprite by grabbing these handles the sprite resizes rapidly and disproportionately according to my mouse movement making them annoying and useless. This surely can't be intended behaviour or am I missing something. This also sometimes provokes a spriter crash. This error was happening in the last revision of spriter and also in this version. When I first download spriter (can't rememberwhich version) it never happened. 2.) sometimes while working the handles from the bounding sprite bounding boxes totally disappear and don't return even when selecting a new sprite, I have to save , close and reopen the program. I don't know what process causes the bug because there seems to be no specific action that provokes it but it happens often, almost everytime I use the program 3.) Sometimes the little white square squares that represent the handles of the bounding box get burnt to the png output, not often but it has happened to me a few times. I'd really love to see a fix for number one it makes using spriter really awkward. Thankyou for Spriter. Ilove it!
  7. Is was hoping the weird scaling issue that seemed to have been introduced in version 10 would have been addressed. The scaling handles on the top and and left side of the selected sprite boxes distort the image disproportionately over distance making it difficult to adjust height and width of a sprite without having adjusting it's position. I'm running Spriter on a windows 7 system and a windows 10 system and it happens on both so I'm assuming its happening to a lot more people, or is this supposed to be happening? Edit- Ok it seems that scaling handles are tied to sprites anchor point, so when scaling a sprite depending where the anchor point is the sprite will be stretched. Is this supposed to be like this?? I have never come across this in any image editing software, photoshop, illustrator, inkscape, gimp normally scaling an image is a trivial affair . I can't see why a sprites scale needs to be related to it's anchor point.
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