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  1. I like the design, especially that stone on it's mossy back. My favorite animations were the jump, because it kinda shows how the heavy beast struggles to stay in the air and the slam for its sense of weight and power. Nice to see some others posting their works, these forums have been so inactive since last year (maybe before that, but I put my works here last February). Seems everyone's waiting for Spriter 2.
  2. Any comments or feedback? I've waited long to get to share my animations, so I'd be happy to hear others opinions, or get feedback from more experienced animators, so I know better how to improve. Also I couldn't find a forum about the forum rules, but if double posting isn't allowed here, I'm sorry and won't do it again. I'm not going to post here any new replies anyway, unless I get to answer to comments of course.
  3. Hi, I'm a former gamedev student, graduated last summer. Here are my latest Spriter works, made last fall. They were originally supposed to be placeholder assets for future game projects, but I ended up polishing them like I would've done with final assets. I was originally going to show my projects here in summer 2017, but then just few days before uploading my works, I suddenly had the hardest change in my life, which interrupted my works and affected the final year of my studies as well. Coming back here now, I'm showing my new works as opposed to those I was originally going to. In t
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