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  1. Never mind - I've discovered that holding down the Windows key (or whatever the equivalent on your keyboard - I really should get around to getting an Arch or a Tux key) before holding down Alt-Left Click overrides the window manager behaviour and allows me to create bones in Spriter. I would imagine it also works in other apps that use this shortcut.
  2. I'm running Spriter on Linux (Arch 64 bit) via Steam and I've hit the problem with using the Alt key with left click to create bones. I noticed that there's a thread on the Steam discussions from 2016 saying this would hopefully be fixed in the next build. I'm therefore assuming there's an option somewhere to tweak the shortcuts, but I can't find it anywhere - Settings only has AutoSave options and nothing else... Also, assuming it is possible, does anyone have any recommendations for a good shortcuts combination that doesn't clash with existing shortcuts?
  3. I tried to add this and the gdx implementation in my project with gradle, but the repository URL specified above is broken. For now I'll try and add it as a local jar, but i sthere a working repo URL?
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