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    UElabeal reacted to Gussy in Flipping an Animation   
    ok I got a Left walk animation but i want to copy it and flip it horizontally but just changing the X to a negative it shifts the entire thing and i also had a piece rotated a bit which results to the normal image of that particular sprite. I want this reversed so I can actually have a seperate walk animation, so what ever Item my character is holding will stay logical to what hand it's in.
    so i know normalling in a 2d platform game sword in left hand would be in right hand when going in opposite direction , i've been animating my character in all Angles so that I can eventually have a Isometric game. Here is my character parts sheet that i've been animating with below. I think I did a pretty good job  :mrgreen:
    I may just use Character mapping for this, and have items switching hands depending on direction which is another idea I have for getting around this
    Any Ideas and help are much appreciated!!
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    UElabeal reacted to Threshroge in You think you could show a Photoshop-to-Spriter   
    Know that I apologize that the nature of this email is to "utilize monetary funds to acquire some sort of benefit", but I wanted to propose to anyone that if I offered seventy five usd for them to publicly post a photoshop-to-spriter  how-to-build-a-dont-starve-like-character-from-scratch tutorial that included them shifting from a blank page in photoshop to a finalized bone-laced structure in spriter so I could get forward on my game design, I think I would be very appreciated as well as the gaming design community.
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    UElabeal reacted to PandaMonkey in MMF2 integration, other questions   
    Hi, I would like to know how the mmf2 integration will work in the future.
    Also, I spend my time both at home and in work, so I would like to know if I can use the serial more than one time.
    Thanks a lot!
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    UElabeal reacted to C2tP in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Please change stretching in the viewer to only change scaleX and scaleY.
    Right now it changes both the scale and the actual x/y values. This doesn't really make sense to me why it would do this.
    So for now I can only do scaling on the left in the "Objects In Frame" window by changing the numbers there.
    Thank you
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    UElabeal reacted to Dee in Dynamic Lighting with Spriter animations   
    The Kickstarter of Sprite DLight can now be previewed here:
    There is an example for dynamic lighting + skeletal animation in the video. It has been done with Spine, but things should work for Spriter in a similar way.
    On the Construct 2 Forums, there is also a discussion, involving C2 and Spriter integration with normal maps: https://www.scirra.com/forum/sprite-dli ... rt_t118649
    TLDR version:

    Launch will be next Tuesday.
    I'd love to try processing some art made for use with Spriter.
    It would be amazing to combine these two technologies.
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    UElabeal reacted to tintinibar in Action points tutorial   
    I can create and rotate action points but cannot make them a child of the bone or sprite I want. Is there a way to do this? I have Spriter Pro. Basically, I made a simple swinging rope with 8 segments and want to attach an action point near the bottom. The problem is, I want the action point to be a child of either the 6th bone or sprite and move with the animation.
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    UElabeal reacted to Kinsman in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    I downloaded the latest alpha, and I had two suggestions.
    1) If you want to make an animation that involves simple flipping of a part, i.e. making someone's head look back and forth, you end up with a tween that makes the head literally flip like a piece of paper.
    In a frame-based timeline, what you'd do is have the frame just before make the head face one way and the frame just after, make it face other way. But it's a little more trouble with the seconds-based timeline that Spriter has.
    My suggestion is - could you make it so that you can drag pre-flipped versions of your images from the file list into the screen, and have them be considered separate ID's from the non-flipped versions?
    2) Spriter could be used for full-screen cutscenes, as well as character animation. If you want to use it that way, often you're also working with a background audio track that you want to sync with the action.
    I know that you're planning to have sounds play during the animation preview - but could you make it so that sounds also play when you're scrubbing the timeline?
    Thanks for making Spriter.
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    UElabeal reacted to Cantacase in how many speeding permissible under the new rules ?   
    Good time of day
    I apologize if not in that section
    speed as quickly as permissible excess ?
    heard that the changes will be in this respect
    or nothing has changed ?
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    UElabeal reacted to som-one in Spriter incompatible with tiling window managers?   
    I tried to launch Spriter on my archlinux system but got an error.

    segmentation fault (core dumped) ./Spriter
    Running ldd showed nothing unusual and it worked in a lubuntu vm. Gdb told me the error was caused by some qt code.
    I found another post with, what looks like the same problem: https://www.scirra.com/forum/spriter-early-adopter-sale-tools_p851923?&sid=216adbd35567c46a162b0a6a9930ee42#p851923.
    After searching around I found that it is most likely caused because I'm using http://i3wm.org/. After switching to gnome-session, Spriter worked.
    This looks like a general problem and not related to B11.
    It would be awesome if a dev could try to launch Spriter in a i3wm session and see if this causes the application to crash.
    Is anyone else using i3 and is able to run Spriter?
    edit: I tried running Spriter in an active https://github.com/baskerville/bspwm session and got the same error (looks the same)
    edit2: tried the same using http://dwm.suckless.org/ and got the same error
    edit3: I changed the title from i3wm to tiling window managers because it looks like a general problem with these.
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    UElabeal reacted to Kiori in Spriter r2 bug thread   
    I still have issues on running this on windows on intel gpu, but none under linux. thought r2 might fix it, guess not.
    Perhaps its related to the frameskipping problem mentioned above.
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    UElabeal reacted to joekinley in Linux 64 Issues list   
    Hi there,
    as I am using Spriter release 1 on Linux 64 (Ubuntu 14.04) I have encountered several issues that I'd like to list here. I hope it's okay to list them rather than spamming the forum with every single issue:
    - While setting sprites to bones (pressing and holding B) the tiles get deselected randomly. It seems that the link from bone to sprite still works, but the highlight seems to go haywire, sometimes blinking on and off, so it's hard to see which pieces are connected to the bone. I assume this is some mouseout check fail to deselect, where it should not be faded when it is selected with the bone
    - When I clicked on a sprite with the right mouse button, in the menu I selected "Lock sprite", and it was permanently locked. I was not able to select it and unlock it. Even other methods didn't work to unlock the sprite.
    - Maybe it's just me, and my resolution of 1366x768, but the export dialog seems unnecessarily big. There is a lot of empty room that might be cramped down, so I will be able to directly hit the save buttons, rather than be forced to move the window further up past the screen borders to reach the lower buttons
    - When holding Space, in order to move the canvas with the mouse by clicking it (with the appearing hand) there is a distinctive lag, causing the canvas to be moved not directly at click, but a little later. The mouse just moves for around half a second before the canvas finally starts to move with it. Oh in fact, this only happens when I do it quickly, like I can see the mouse slightly blinking before it finally goes into the canvas movement mode. Maybe it is possible to make it directly move?
    - The scrolling speed of the scrollbars within the canvas are ridiculously sensitive. I barely move the mouse, which causes my image to swish by. The only option for me to conveniently scroll the canvas is to use the Space bar with the mouse, because holding and moving the scrollbars is not helpful. Clicking the buttons in the corners (not sliding but stepping through the scrollbar scroll) is okay, but very inconvenient. 
    - Once I made the mistake to hit "Disable OpenGL", which resulted into not being able to restart the application. It crashed with a segfault and a million log outputs (sorry, don't remember them and don't want to try it right now). I only was able to set it back when manually finding the configuration file and setting the option back on. 
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    UElabeal reacted to tfworld in Cocos2d 3 support   
    Does anyone have a working implementation for Cocos2d 3.x? Trying to get the old TGSpriterNode code to work but it is 3 years old at this point and pretty lacking. Thanks!
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    UElabeal reacted to Chilly Willy in Welcome to Brash Monkey's Spriter forum   
    Just signed up two give two suggestions - it would be nice to have a 32 bit build for linux, and a very brief note on how you run it in linux would be nice. Looks like a great program... I'd love to not to have to use Windows to use it. ;)
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    UElabeal reacted to Tylermon2 in Game Animations WIP   
    I am currently working on a game and if you haven't guessed, my animations are done in spriter.
    I love feedback. Preferably on the videos( I am more likely to see it there) but here is great as well.
    New Updated animations!

    Idle animation/workflow this is a longer video. Took my time on it help my artist see the workflow and how everything works/pieces together.
    Skip to the end for the final animation. But I think it may be too subtle.

    This is my skeleton animation.
    Idle and walking.

    Again. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Any tips on animating wrists? The rounded technique on arms/legs does not seem to work as well. Example in first video.
    Any other tips you can suggest based on the videos also greatly appreciated. If you saw something that could save me time down the road, or changes to art that might improve things, I am all ears.
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    UElabeal reacted to darktoad in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Very excited about this program guys!! Posting these as suggestions, but maybe there's already a way to do this...
    Ability to cancel mid-operation (position,rotation,scale)
    For example, I've selected a set of parts and in the middle of rotating I realize I started rotating the wrong parts, or maybe I'm just playing around and want to preview how the rotation would look. If I hit 'Esc' while I'm rotating these parts, it could cancel out of the operation without needing to undo.
    Simplistic paint
    I'd like to hack some really simple shapes together, or sketch out some ideas without having to jump to my workhorse image editor (Photoshop). These would basically be placeholder art that I'd reskin later.
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in Update on Spriter API matters   
    I just wanted to let everyone know my full focus has switched from developing Spriter (aside from critical fixes) to getting complete and thorough documentation for developers.  This will take some time, but this long overdue step is underway and I will update you when things are further along.  Thank you everyone for your extreme patience thus far on the matter. 
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    UElabeal reacted to joekinley in Linux Builds still old   
    If I download the linux builds, I still get a Spriter B11 directory, is this still the old version?
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    UElabeal reacted to SlinkyRaptor in Steam Keys for Multiple Licences   
    I purchased a key for myself and a friend recently and I was wondering if or how I could get steam keys for both of those. I followed the directions in the sticky, emailed support and only received a single key.
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    UElabeal reacted to Jonjon in Photoshop/Paint/Corel advice to make sword slashes and fireballs   
    I'm trying to make sprite sheets that have effects like this http://vxresource.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/slash_effect_002.png

    And http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/346/b/8/megaman_x_hadouken__remake__by_dragonfaku-d5ntxg0.gif

    Just simple tips/youtube videos for making them in photoshop. The energy glow/windy distorting effects (like in the spriter effects pack) are both what I'm looking to create.

    Also do you have tips for editting Spriter sprite sheets in photoshop, and making sure that when I save them, I don't get problems with transparency? Like if I decide to have a sprite sheet of the guy punching, and I add some blur or whatever to each frame of the punch, then save it, and I see black/gray/white stuff where it should just be clear... how do I prevent that?

    I used to get that problem a lot when I'd edit sprites in Little Fighter 2, trying to add energy beams and crap like that and then when I play the game, there's blackness around the energy beam >=[.
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    UElabeal reacted to Aniketos in Generic Java Importer   
    @Trixt0r: Nope i'm not using multiple threads. Also I noticed that if you change the alpha of the bone or sprite during animation in Spriter, it's not changed ingame. I was wondering if you can point me to a part of code where those values are passed on so I can change that.
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    UElabeal reacted to Trixt0r in Generic Java Importer   
    The library has now support for calculating the bounding box for a whole animation.

    You can also manipulate the calculating by setting the starting bone.
    This enables the ability to cull parts from an animation. I hope this is an useful feature.
    - Trixt0r
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    UElabeal reacted to lucid in scml documentation update   
    Just wanted to link to this on the main forum for anyone who's been waiting on this:
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    UElabeal reacted to rSheep in Please post feature suggestions here.   
    Hi. The feature Jonjon show in the video is something that really seems to be missing in Spriter.
    I've seen the Spriter video where it set 2 bones to a skin (the snake skin sprite), have tried it, and is really good.
    It works perfectly with sprites with a longer width, but would love to do have the same option for height (a sprite with height greater than the width).
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    UElabeal reacted to bwwd in My animated sprites   
    Hi, im making animated sprites using body parts I already have some playable wips of my games :) Im excited about new spriter release with free deformation and i'll probably end up getting full version once i get used to the software, sprites are made using exactly the same technique using stickman software from cutoutpro.Im using OpenBOR engine and i play my games on my Android phone and Windows cpu but you can play also on MAC,Linux and other systems.

    Can't embed YT vids for some reason...

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    UElabeal reacted to bwwd in Great algorithm for rotating pixel art & sprites   
    Hey guys what if spriter would have rotating algorithm like this software?
    Do you think it could be done? It preserves shapes perfectly, maybe if you would contact developer then he would share how he did it and it could be implemented in spriter so pixel art animating would be even better.
    Just look at examples:

    This is other program SolarStrings rotater which also rotates sprites preserving details and shapes + whats most important - source code is available for lookup and maybe create something similar

    In my opinion having something like solarstrings rotater as option to rotate sprites would be great, even if its not used in realtime during opengl preview but only when exporting.
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